One buffoon out of the F.A

Bumbling buffoon Brian Barwick
Bumbling buffoon Brian Barwick

just a few more to go.

Never trust a slaphead who has facial hair – tache or beard – they are lying to you everyday and taking you for an idiot. They think they’re fooling you into mistaking that gleaming chrome dome for a full head of hair because there’s some ratty fuzz under their nose or on their chin, it’s just one step above the Bobby Charlton comb over.

The F.A. chief executive Brian Barwick is a prime example of this, one thankfully we won’t have to put up with much longer when he departs at the end of the year.

Yes the man who sat there a little over two years ago and said the Steve McClaren was his – and the F.A.’s – first choice to replace Svennis as England manager…

He was my first choice, the FA board’s unanimous choice.

My first choice was always Steve. That might be difficult for people to get their heads across. Brian Barwick

Yes we found it difficult because we all know that Martin O’Neill was his first choice, we know that he didn’t have the balls to stand up for his choice. And so we had the Scolari fiasco,what a fuck up Barwick made of all that, coming back with his tail between his legs but without the man we could have had quite easily and could have done something with the players at his disposal, which lead to them taking on McClown because that’s all there was in his and the F.A.’s view and what a great decision that was.

After a disastrous 18 months that ended with the Wally with the Brolly, bumbling Brian was back at it overlooking the best candidates for the job or buggering up any chance we had to get the best guy for the job so we ended up with Capello. And he leaves with yet another porkie…

I am sad to be leaving the FA – an organisation it has been a privilege to lead – but I believe it is in the best interests of all parties. Brian Barwick

Yeah I bet you think it’s in your best interest, is that because you see this ending tits up like your last appointment. 🙄

And it all happened before last night’s debacle at Wembley, with the undeserved 2-2 draw with the Czechs.

Everything is still in place under Capello that made Svennis and McClown’s reigns such damp squib disasters. The same players who have failed miserably time and time again in the same positions, playing the same game – giving the ball away in a slow lumbering manner, dropping back and thumping the ball to no one.

When someone needed to come in and make real changes, to say goodbye to the failures that are guaranteed their shirt so don’t really bother even trying – Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Cole J, Cole A, Ferdinand, Terry – we get a guy who has their names first on the team sheet. Every time an England manager has favourites and sticks with them no matter what it costs us before it costs him.

Deutschland 1 - England 5
Deutschland 1 - England 5

Svennis and McClown at least had an opening moment of honeymoon glory – McClown’s 4-0 thumping of the Euro champions who turned out to be utter crap but who can forget that magical night for Svennis in the Olympiastadion in Munich when the scoreboard read Deutschland 1 – England 5. What has Fabio had, a 2-1 win over Switzerland who were it has to be said the best of the two hosts from the Euros and that really is the best thin you can say about them.

But then anyone that thinks Wes Brown and Jermaine Jenas are international players doesn’t deserve any better.

4 Replies to “One buffoon out of the F.A”

  1. The Sven/Becks years 2001-2006 were statistically Englands most consistant and successful in history with only 5 competitive games lost (10 total including friendlies) and saw England rise from “the wilderness” to FIFA No.4 World rank while cruising to top qualifying place in all three international tournaments.
    1) Why did TheFA bow to the hype of a few xenophobes in the media and throw away what the rest of the world consider to be “the greatest living coach manager”?
    2) Did TheFA employ Super Steve Mclaren to show just how good Sven-Goran Eriksson was to achieve what he did with the same “golden generation” that crashed in flames in the Euro’08 qualifying rounds without him?
    3) Does the media really have a “death wish” for English international football as demonstrated by the total lack of any support and acclaim for anything less than a tournament win? (Other nations respect and support their teams achievements through thick and thin and many would be delighted just to qualify in international tournaments)

  2. Well there are lies, damn lies and statistics, I know I use the FIFA rankings to show how bad the likes of Kazakhstan are but in reality the rankings are…well rank. I mean the Yanks were ranked 4th or 5th a couple of years back.

    Yeah he got to tournaments, never from “groups of death” though was it and then it was just insipid and dull as we meekly went out in the quarters. Sending them to sleep at half time, dull subs that screwed up the team pattern and his refusal to look beyond his chums the “star” names.

    The F.A. employed McClown because they’re a bunch of clowns and birds of a feather…

    Greatest living manager, nice one, good to see you haven’t lost the sense of humour. Those trips to Mexico with the dolly birds must keep the spirits up 😉

  3. The trip to Mexico was fun once my reputation was cleared after a rival to my clients lies were exposed by Ricardo Ferretti and the prime time TV show of my harmless PR stunts, TV show pranks and other adventures… The girls from Peru were stunning though!
    It’s been weird “being” Sven but the calls from the official England and MCFC fan organisations to head up their “Save our Sven” campaigns (declined) were further confirmation of the high esteem in which the old Swedish babe magnet is widely held?
    His record WILL be hard to beat I think(?) and there is a potential for cruel irony IF Fabio’s Three Lions are defeated by Sven’s “El Tri” in 2010? England had more bad luck than good during the “Sven/Becks” years even though your comments regarding “easy groups” may have some credibility and do you really think that England would have crashed out of Euro’08 if Sven hadn’t been driven out and replaced by “Super Steve”?
    The next world cup may be even more interesting but with split loyalties for this England and S-G E fan……

  4. They certainly looked stunning from a few thousand miles away 😉

    I think they’d have probably done better in that group under Svennis than they did with McClown, but I’d say they would have done a lot better with Hiddink or Big Phil in charge.

    He does seem to leave a lot of admirers behind, think some at Citeh might have forgotten him now though.

    Would be interesting to see the pair meet in SA, if only for the fact England will actually be there 😀

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