Whole lotta

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love - Live at Royal Albert Hall 1970


Now I can understand Jimmy Page being more than happy when he was approached to in the British part of the Olympics closing ceremony but why did he agree to go along with that travesty.

Yeah you want to play in front of the 91,000 and the how many billions watching around the world but to agree to have the song sanitised both lyric wise and with that banality singing it, come on James.

Have to say it’s typical of this country these days, all the great bands and musicians we’ve had over the years what do they stump up to represent us now? A throw away nobody winner of a phone vote show, who quite frankly will be consigned to the where are they now bargain bin when the Olympic flame lights up over London in four years time.

“Whole Lotta Love” is a song that needs balls from the singer and by that I don’t mean it has to be a bloke just someone that can give the track the power it needs – Janis Joplin, Etta James, Tina Turner they had the balls to do it justice. The kind of balls Robert Plant gave to the original

Of course the same type of balls he ‘alf inched from Steve Marriott the same balls that Willie and Muddy had…

I suppose it was all summed up with the much heralded climax being David Beckham kicking a ball, and with most situations like this for the ex-England captain the book was open. Dead ball will he a) hit the wall/first defender or b) kick it past everyone into no mans land. B was the winner this time as the ball sailed over any intended target, just a shame he didn’t injure himself in the process.

Best bit of the Olympics?

Well winning all those medals really narked the Australians now that does make things worth while, especially when GB ended up with more total medals and not just the number of golds so the whinging Aussies couldn’t rearrange the medal table to make themselves feel better.

Next would be the magnificent Chris Hoy winning all those golds, building up the hopes of that odious little turd Alex Salmond only to then turn round and piss all over little Eck’s chips.

Worst bits…

Well I can’t say I drenched the last British women to win an Olympic gold in swimming any more, after I top bombed Anita Lonsbrough and her husband BBC commentator Hugh Porter quite a few years back as they sat next to the Oro Verde swimming pool.

Also the Beeb, now I normally agree with most things ex-England hooker Brian Moore says but when he sticks up for the Beeb and the amount of money they spent I do feel it may have something to do with them employing him quite often. Yes you may break it down to it being so many pennies per head of population but that doesn’t excuse the excess.

Not long back we have Frank Bough (interrupting his charlie and spanking sessions) in a studio in London handing over to David Coleman for the running and Ron Pickering for the throwing and jumping. Now you have a procession of grinning ninnies in a full studio out there handing over to Sue Barker who has Michael Johnson (full justified being there) and Colin Jackson for them to hand over to a huge array of commentators for the races and other events. When a 100 meter sprint lasts as little time as Usain Bolt takes why do you need three blokes talking about it. It may have only cost us each a few pennies but it could have been a lot lot less.

Oh and the talk of Alex Ferguson taking on a British football team for 2012, well good and bad, good that a team would piss off the Jock/Taff/Irish F.A.s, bad in that I can’t think of anyone who suggests Olympic spirit less than the blue nosed, gum gnawing, speech slurring wretch, only plus side he might not pick Beckham.

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