Let him rot

in the reserves.

If the incredible sulk “detests the attention which being a footballer brings and who is uncomfortable with the adulation” then it’s the best place for him amongst the kids in front of a few hundred in Leyton or Stevenage, rather than the thousands of non-Mancunians screaming after the likes of O’Shea and Fletcher.

Either that or ManUre have to come up with the cash, if you can talk about Tevez being worth a British record fee then a guy that scored more goals in his time in the country and is the type of striker Fergie’s side is crying out for should be going for that kind of price. Don’t want to pay then he’s not going to be yours, don’t come here with your derisory offers of £20.5m after you’ve unsettled a player that turned you down two years ago.

But if he doesn’t go then Spurs management and players will have to stop using this whole farce as an excuse for the dismal start to the league campaign. They knew he was unlikely to feature this season so formations and players were tried out without him.

The Berbatov situation has nothing to do with a goalkeeper and three defenders being unable to stop the one Sunderland player in the box getting a free header and scoring, it has nothing to do with fullbacks being either unable or not bothered about stopping crosses getting into the box, it has nothing to do with players playing in the wrong positions, it has nothing to do with a ‘keeper looking for a prat fall moment, it has nothing to do with the lack of a defensive midfielder, it has nothing to do with Jenas being the absolute worse choice for the centre of the park.

Does it have anything to do with Bent not getting many sniffs at goal, well it hasn’t helped but there are far more reasons than it being down to one bloke who ain’t playing and is a bit unhappy.

This time last year BMJ was a dead man walking after pretty much the same start to the season without Berbatov as an excuse, while Levy’s mates enjoying some sangria and tapas with Juande’s chums. Where has Levy been lunching lately?

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