Ah, you’re a wanker Vai

Steve Vai - Jemini Distortion Pedal Demo (High Quality)

yeah, so they say…

Cracking video on YouTube from Steve Vai (himself) demoing his new Ibanez Jemini distortion/overdrive pedal…

You wanna play Jack Butler?

Ah it’s going to make me sound like Steve, if I had his amps, guitars, recording equipment oh and his fingers 😉

Looks to be going for about £140-150 ($255-275) in the shops, which I suppose is not bad in this day and age for a two pedal unit with a famous players signature on it. Still don’t think I’ll be splashing out, not really in search of the Vai tone, bit too much compressed high gain and over processed for me at the moment, not that I dislike it as I’m a bit partial to Mr. Vai’s wanking 😀

I’m mainly looking at fuzz pedals for my dirt these days, of course I’m looking on the cheap on the bay which means I really wasn’t in the running for the D*A*M 1965 MK I Tonebender that recently went for $1825 (approx £992), just slightly out of my price range.

Also don’t think I’ll be bidding for the Dallas Rangemaster recently listed, because it’s treble booster and not a fuzz pedal after all and it has absolutely nothing to do with the £2,750 starting price (approx $5,056.43). 😯

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