You had the chance Levy

and you blew it big time.

Whinging about the way certain teams run ruff shod over others when doing transfer deals is OK when you stick to your principles and don’t let those teams off by accepting hush money in the shape of a kid on loan.

You had the chance a very big chance with what went on at Manchester airport on Monday to take a stand and prove once and for all what a cynical, lying, scumbag outfit one team in particular are.

But once again as with the Keane debacle you spouted off and then backed down when it came to the moment of truth. If you hadn’t given Berbatov permission in way to talk to ManUre and vice-versa, then you had them and their poor excuse for a knight of the realm banged to rights as he whisked the player off.

Even the F.A. couldn’t have over looked this one, no doubt they would have tried but imagine any other team doing this and it would be docked points and probably kicked out of a cup competition. You had that old soaks shrivelled up ball bag in your hand ready to squeeze and make that nose go an even worse shade of puce – I apologise for anyone that has now just vomited on their monitor.

I do hope Fraizer Campbell is worth it…as Berbatov joins a long line – van Nistelrooy, Stam, Mexes, Millar, Robben, Hargreaves, Carrick etc etc tapped up by a team with the morals of Real Madrid.

Thankfully for Levy the fun and games going on in Toon Town and PikeyVille has distracted all attention away. On one hand we have someone who wants to get rid of that waste of space Barton and can get money for him against that there’s the messiah who wants to give him his fifteenth chance, a tactically inept individual who was waiting for the first chance to spit the dummy and walk out as he has done so many times before, no surprise who the fans backed 🙄 bit of luck and we’ll have that dullard Shearer off our telly screens soon as “messiah II” arrives in the promised land.

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