Let him rot with

that lot then.

They got what they wanted and Levy got the price he was asking not the measly amount they wanted to fork out.

They should have stuck with the complaint to the F.A. after all if ManUre were desperate enough for the player that they sent Fergie to pick him up from the airport in full view of the cameras knowing that they hadn’t permission to speak to him, why take that off the table it would be worth more to see ManUre done than some bloke they didn’t want to send to Hull.

Desperate is the right word with what happened at Citeh now that really is financial clout a bloke who would look at the amount of money ManUre owe as chump change, stuff found down the back of the sofa. Now with the blue side of the city you expect everything to go tits up sooner rather than later but with investors that make Abramovich look like a Big Issue seller and a manager in charge that’s just a touch better at the job than Keggy, Squeaky Ball, Frank Clark, Peter Reid (now boss of Thailand) who knows.

So all the talk of who was coming on the final day of the window came to nowt.

No decent holding midfielder, Diarra or Veloso, only one striker – Pavlyuchenko (who I’m reliably informed looks like someone from Hollyoaks, I’ll have to take their word for it) added – no Arshavin (just think how many shirts you missed out on selling there Levy) no Milito, no Garcia, no centreback cover for Ledley and Woodgate though I suppose the way Ramos talked yesterday they might see that role for Corluka.

Levy too busy trying to squeeze that last £0.75m for Berbatov that he took his eye off the big picture. Still glad his attention was taken away from a couple of names that popped up one being Huntelaar. Now while he’s got a great scoring record in Dutch football you only have to counter that with two names Kuyt and Kezman the former I’m so glad we didn’t get after so much speculation and the later was a bum as well with an even more impressive scoring rate in Holland. The other name was Heskey which just brought back memories of past last minute signings, Rasiak anyone?

Fifty million quid for Berbatov and Keane along with the others offloaded has pretty much covered the cost of all the new players that have come in over the summer with a few bob left over.

Just have to see how Fergie and the Essex boys in the crowd like Berbatov’s pouting a sulks, hopefully he’ll start a few arguments with Shrek and Ronaldo.

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