Well Juande tried his best

to get the push yesterday in Poland.

But in the end Spurs held out for a one all draw with Wisla Krakow, to go through 3-2 on aggregate to the UEFA Cup group stage. Foiled again.

Another inspired team was sent out by Ramos to amble about aimlessly for 45 minutes during one of the worst first halves of football, well since the last game. Was it better than the Newcastle game? Close call.

Another bunch of changes to the team saw players not knowing what they were doing or who they were doing it with, though I don’t know if playing in the new black away kit helped when the Krakow area was covered in very dark shadow.

Ramos obviously had a change of heart at half time as the team was sent out with more purpose, Modric started playing higher up the park and Campbell got into the game more. There was a pattern, there was intent, there was flowing moves, great balls cutting through the defence and then finally a decent cross resulting in the opening goal.

One nil up on the day two up on aggregate the Polish side had to push forward to get back into the tie, which meant there would be more space at the back for the strikers, especially Campbell who was finally getting into the game, to exploit the balls from Modric now his confidence had been boosted and he was starting to impose himself on the game. But no what happens Junade brings off Campbell, leaving just Bent up front on his tod. I can see why he would bring on O’Hara but there was only one individual he should’ve replaced…I’ll give you three guesses.

So now all that space opening up at the Krakow back and what is there to benefit, Darren Bent who somehow increasingly found himself behind a defender, some would say hiding, others would be so sympathetic. With Wisla pushing forward it was screaming out for a positive move by the manager to go and make sure of the win with more goals but no he decided to revert to some of the bad old moves Martin Jol made with subs, i.e. bring off attackers for defenders and try and hold out as Huddlestone and Dawson came on for Modric and Lennon.

The latter after Wisla had got one back with a simple ball through Woodgate and King that Brozek easily lobbed over the advancing Gomes. The keeper had a great game until that moment, he makes saves from distance and point blank, he dominates his area, comes for crosses, even catches a lot of them but he is going to provide a Calamity James style howler nearly every game luckily it didn’t cost Spurs yesterday but some game it will and cost them big time.

Then this new rumour starts going round that Levy wants to get Mark Hughes from Citeh. Obviously last year he pointed to a picture of Sparky to Comolli, said “I want that man as my manager”, the director of football not knowing much about players never mind managers or coaches didn’t know who it was but thought it looked like that bloke who was at White Hart Lane with that Spanish outfit the year before…Ramos.

This new rumour, no matter how made up, will keep Juande in the news and his head on the chopping block for the time being, with the game against Hull having a big influence on things. David Moyes at Everton probably can’t believe his luck and owes Ramos a great deal of thanks for the help in keeping him from being the media’s #1 target.

Well certain freeloader, brown nosing, journo types have been getting their knickers in a knot about little ditties that Sol Cuntbell was serenaded with at Pompey at the weekend. Apparently the first thing that springs to their mind when hearing the words “hanging from a tree” is that the distasteful chant is somehow about lynching. I suppose what do you expect from a bunch of parasites that probably get most of their stories from Wikipedia, so much so I even read one who said “ARSEnal bought Cuntbell from Spurs” 🙄

Well I thought it was a pretty famous story, a bloke called Judas who betrayed his boss and his boss’ followers for 30 pieces of silver, couldn’t handle it so hung himself from a tree, was in some book or other I’m sure they’d be able to find it in any reputable bookshop. Couldn’t say if it would be in the fiction or non-fiction section.

He would get chants about being a Judas no mater what the colour of his skin.

Cuntbell is a lair, a scumbag and a whiny crybaby and one of prime examples of what is wrong with the game today but of course he’s a media darling and went to a media darling club so he gets a free pass. The same journos get all self righteous about the lack of loyalty in the game and how the game has changed but only when it’s one of their beloved clubs. Adebayor and Ronaldo talk about moving and they are painted as bad guys for abandoning the clubs and the fans. Berbatov, Keane, Barry want move and the media are all for it.

Cuntbell, brought up by the club, is offered a great deal by the club, repeatedly lies to the club and fans that he’ll sign and would never turn his back on the club and under no circumstances would move to the scum, walks out on the club at the end of his contract so Spurs receive nothing for him and walks straight into Highbury. He expects to get away with the fans patting him on the back and saying “good luck”, why because his media mates told him he had to do it and have never criticised him for the scummy move.

Will this action stop it, doubtful as fans see what effect it has on Judas, they know it gets to him and effects his game as he has admitted and when people know which button to press they don’t stop. Also if Whinging Wenger and Juads see being called gay as an insult does that mean they are homophobic?

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