We’re not very good

we’re not very good…

We’re not very, we’re not very, we’re not very good…

In fact…We’re shite and we know we are

Though saying that makes it sound like an insult to Hull City who don’t deserve to have their victory belittled by talk of it only coming because of the shambles that is Spurs.

Still all this about the worst start to the season since the year the Titanic went down and Scott had a bit of a bad time in the Antarctic maybe it’ll have a happy ending as that season did. As Spurs pulled clear to a mighty 17th position and avoided relegation leaving a certain Woolwich Wanderers to drop down to the 2nd division, this of course before they bribed their way back into the top flight and started the crap about never being relegated, clouds and silver linings.

The difference between those events in 1912 is that the captain of the Titanic and Scott no matter how badly they went about things they showed a bit more leadership than that coming out of the Lane, from top to bottom. From the chairman and director of football in their matching outfits, to the head coach who stands on the sideline looking lost, to the players on the pitch who look to the man with the arm band for a leader. Not so much lions led by donkeys more pussycats led by blancmange.

Oh and it’s good to see all the ex-Spurs players round the league having a good time of it.

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