Getting that sinking


I wondered who at the beginning of the season was going to be this years Derby County, Hull or Stoke turns out it’s neither nor is it Spurs because this time last year Derby had 4 points that’s twice as many as Juande’s men have after yesterday’s loss.

I should apologise to Hull City for bringing them into this, they are fully deserving of their excellent start to the season. They don’t go to grounds and set up not to lose but go to win, go to score with three up front at times to entertain the crowd. And was Sam Allardyce as “good” a manager without Phil Brown beside him?

Stoke on the other hand well I still think they’ll go down, Bolton have shown in the past that a team of big lumpers who get the ball up the park quick can hang around in the league, indeed hang around in top 10, but I don’t know if this lot can do enough to avoid heading straight back down. I mean they were so bad after going one up yesterday that it was a relief for them when the half time whistle went as ten man Spurs were running rings round them, that doesn’t bode well.

The question now is will Spurs be joining them in the second tier or English football, only one other team with so few points this far into the season has avoided the dreaded drop. Southampton a decade ago, ah those Titanic links just keep coming, worst start since the old girl went down herself, captain was from Stoke, of course it sailed from Southampton and the band played “Autumn” as it went down, no doubt the deck chairs were made in Bolton as they are Spurs’ next opponent.

What happens to Ramos if that home game is lost, Bolton aren’t exactly as frightening as they have been in the past but a big team full of big heart and big fight not exactly the type of team you feel the leaderless, rudderless, gutless bunch of individuals that Ramos puts out ever week. He even signals everything that’s wrong with the team as they’re lead out, in the absence of Ledley, by that useless waste of space Jenas wearing the captain’s armband.

Added to all that what will the defence look like, Bale will be missing after his red card, as will Dawson after his completely deserved dismissal, cretin, Corluka regained consciousness after Gomes succeeded the second time round in taking him out, can’t see him being fit to play and if he was what chance he wouldn’t be a nervous stuck between his own ‘keeper behind him and Kevin Davies. If Ledley plays against Udinese in the UEFA Cup on Thursday it more than likely counts him out for a weekend game. Thank god Woodgate wasn’t yellow carded for giving away the second penalty against Stoke, as it would have been his second, he was a touch luckily to get away with it the short time from the yellow he did get might have saved him.

Is Ramos a gonna after that scenario? Who would want to take over, Chris Hughton isn’t about anymore to step into such a situation, would Poyet want to stick around? Should Ramos even be there for that game, could history repeat itself again almost exactly twelve months on, could he get the push half way through a UEFA Cup tie. Udinese are doing not bad in Serie A, seven games in and they’re second to Mourinho’s Inter, but it’s an away game Levy would probably save such a happening for a home game.

After Bolton it’s the scum wanderers and then the red scousers, what chance of coming out of any of those three games with as much as a point, no doubt Keane will score the winner against us in that last game. If they are all lost by my quick calculations that’s a full 38 game season Ramos has presided over in the league, 10 wins, 11 draws and 17 losses, a whole 41 points, just 1 point above the so called safe number. It’s not just the start of this season that’s the problem, take away the Carling Cup victory and the cupboard really is bare.

Levy created this problem with his little chum Comolli both should pay the price…

3 Replies to “Getting that sinking”

  1. I think that if you do not win either of the next two games, there’ll be a “new” manager in charge for the ‘pool game.

    Hamburg doing well in the Bundesleague, eh?

  2. And the chances of getting anything out of those two games never mind a win is pretty slim so…. 😉

    Yup the big fellas is doing the job at HSV, life is a little easier over there without a bald dwarf and his ARSEnal chum getting in the way.

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