And I forgot a big thank you to Joe

Tampa Bay Rays dogpile after winning the 2008 ALCS
Tampa Bay Rays dogpile after winning the 2008 ALCS


And the boys down in Tampa for making this years World Series bearable, after winning game 7 of the ALCS on Sunday night.

I had intended on watching the whole thing live but when that homer went over the wall in the first and a couple of innings later the Rays hadn’t managed to get anyone on base and I had a feeling like game 7 in ’04, though of course not as sickening a feeling, so gave up.

Thanks guy for making sure I don’t have to watch that whinging pigpen cro-magnon man Youkilis, the dwarf pigpen with SAS Pedrioa – by the way the facial hair doesn’t hide the increasing bald spot – or that gurning twat Papelbon – funny how players on certain teams get a free pass from the media when it comes to their celebrating antics.

And most of all I won’t have to listen to who ever it will be, no doubt a NE native, commentating on the series wanking on and on about how great they are, that they can do no wrong and how in love with them he is.

Now I can just sit back and see if the Phillies complete the set of losing the big one to each team in the AL East – 1915 to the Sux, 1950 the Yankees, 1983 the Orioles, 1993 the Blue Jays – just the Rays to go and who’d ever thought they would ever get there?

Is baseball the most superstitious sport out there, all the different curses, all the rituals of individuals and then after 10 years of abject failure a team that has finished bottom of the league for all but one of the seasons it has existed drops the “Devil” from it’s name and is now just 4 to 7 games away from going from worst to first.

Funny seeing the little old round faced bloke walking out to throw the first pitch on Sunday in the uniform of a team that are now in the World Series. Yanks, or indeed Joe Torre, haven’t got there since he left have they.

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