Should Britain be celebrating it’s first World Series


Step forward the Philadelphia Phillies, after finally wining the longest game in World Series history last night and therefore the second title in their 125 year history.

After all the Royal Bank of Scotland took over Citizens Bank in 1988, then in 2003 when the Phillies were going to build a new stadium RBS/Citizens Bank…

…invested $57.5m over 25 years for the exclusive naming rights, with a further US$37.5m was invested to become the sole financial services advertiser on Phillies television and radio. RBS Sport

Now after the American bank sub-prime mortgage meltdown the British government bought £5 billion in RBS preference shares and will underwrite a £15 billion share issue for the bank.

So in “Toxic Logic” the British tax payer is sponsoring the new World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies 😉

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