Are we living in a ‘Arry wonderland


I somehow can’t see that game ending 4-4 under Ramos, yes it was 5-1 last time but things were certainly different then and it wasn’t in the league.

It may have ended with that score under the previous regime but only after Spurs were 4-0 or 4-1 up, not after being 3-1 and 4-2 down. For one thing we know that first goal wouldn’t have gone in as Bentley probably wouldn’t have been in the squad never mind on the park to score the goal of the season – though no doubt the Beeb and the like will find a way to give it to Gerrard free kick after he’s fallen over or a ball that bounces off Adebayor’s arse.

Two games in under ‘Arry and Bentley does seem the player Spurs thought they were going to get from Blackburn, not what we got those first few weeks of the season, as does Modric. The Hudd is also looking better after not really getting a look in under Juande, which was strange as he played some important parts in the Spaniard’s first few games in charge.

The main thing from last nights game is that they got a point away from home against a “Top 4” side while not really playing well because they kept giving the ball away, sort that one thing out and it should get so much better. This couldn’t have been more highlighted than when for no reason Hutton just passed the ball back to Adebayor for him to set up their fourth but it didn’t happen just that once it was all night really.

Oh and dealing with corners and set pieces around the box would be of benefit as well. Now people are sticking up for Gomes after he had a bit of a shocker again – though I do give him plus points for coming out and punching Jenas in the phizog even though it led to a goal – he looks shot of any confidence. I don’t know is it a good thing to go and buy someone straight after they’ve performed well against you, didn’t work with Ramos, don’t know it it will here. He’s a big imposing fella, a cracking shot stopper though those palms into danger are creeping in, he used to come and collect the ball easy but now just seems to get caught up in a mass of players, take his own out and miss the ball.

And then there’s the constant punching the ball away now, well that in general just seems to gift the ball to the opposition and that’s something they can’t afford to happen. I still feel he’s going to provide the opposition with at least one guilt edge chance per game. One thing is for sure David James isn’t the answer, at best he’s just Gomez with a British passport and an older birth certificate though I’d say he’s worse than the Brazilian, I did like the rumour of going for Ben Foster but then it’s a red top rumour so rubbish and what are the chances they could get him on anything but a loan deal.

Just wonder how long Jenas will live off that goal, was a cracker mind. Still haven’t won a league game when Bale has played, bizarre 😯

So in the end FarbregASS was right Spurs could only manage a draw against the ARSEnal bints.

What was that song going round just after half time, I think the lyrics changed a little later but it could have two versus, 3-1 and you fucked it up or indeed 4-2 and well you know what…

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