Hard to believe it’s only been a

Tottenham Hotspur - Dinamo 4:0 Zagreb UEFA League 2008

fortnight in the ‘Arry Wonderland.

It seems a lot longer somehow, probably because my mind wants to wipe all memories of what it was like just two weeks ago in the dying days of the shambles that was the Ramos regime. Just have to be thankful, at this moment in time, that the last UEFA Cup game against Udinese was so bad, such an embarrassing mess that it really forced Levy’s hand.

Dinamo Zagreb weren’t exactly great while being stuffed 4-0 by Spurs last night but they wouldn’t have had to be to get something out of the game if things hadn’t changed at the Lane.

Darren Bent wouldn’t have put away his hat-trick with the class he did, taking his season tally to 9, two more than Keane and Berbatov put together. Huddlestone probably wouldn’t have been on the park to lay on two of Bent’s goals with excellent slide rule assists or to score his screamer. Modric probably wouldn’t have started or would have found himself out of position wide left, so his influence would have been lost, no shots on goal, which are saved but seem to bring about goals from the rebound or the resulting corner. No kids on the bench resulting in the comment Bostock/Dervite has made that 51/63 shirt his own.

Even though Gomes and Dawson didn’t have very much to do at all, they would have probably found a way to drop a clanger fourteen days earlier.

‘Arry has said the right thing about the UEFA Cup being secondary to the league and the vastly more important task of staying in the top flight – unlike Ramos who seemed more interested in keeping up his reputation as a cup king, while being bad at both. But even with Zagreb not being the best last night winning helps, a four zip victory over any team in Europe helps build the confidence that can be used in the league campaign.

How long can the honeymoon last?

On another note isn’t it funny how a manager can change tack when he’s been called into question. One minute the opposition deserved to win, they showed more desire for victory. This loss, along with a certain draw results in questions being asked about said manager and his team’s abilities and all of a sudden it’s an all out attack on the victorious team’s tactics. And surprise, surprise the media fall for it and all the questions are deflected and forgotten about.

Quite cowardly you could say, sort of thing someone who during a touchline argument shoves a fourth official between himself and another manager while shouting “hold me back”, or talks tough a few hundred miles away would do.

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