All we are saying is

give pace a chance.

Aaron Lennon showed yesterday why pace is so dangerous in the game, he also showed that he can use his to great effect. Hopefully ‘Arry will either get down on his knees or stand Lennon on a box put his arm round the kid and say I want this every week, just like that son.

The little tyke played like he hasn’t for some time in his first league start of the season and was the main factor in the 1-0 victory over Blackburn. This is what he should have been doing over the last couple of years of stagnation.

It’s not rocket science: get ball – winning it yourself really helps -, run at defender, get him turned, cut across the defender – he either has to stop in his tracks, so less chance of him getting back to you, or he has to take you down resulting in free kick/penalty and maybe a sending off – get to byline and cross the ball. Goals will come from that all day long.

It does help having someone on the end who can score of course…

‘Arry was right, back at the 2006 World Cup Lennon was the one to set the team alight but what happened Svennis was still star struck and Beckham clogged up that right hand wing during the tournament. But since then he really has dropped down the pecking order for an international place.

It’s amazing the number that wanted Lennon and Huddlestone gone in the summer, almost as surprising is that Ramos or Comolli didn’t ship them both off with Malbranque and Tainio.

Blackburn’s left back Olsson was all over the place and was rightly sent off, good to hear the Rovers manager B.T. Charlie whinging about that, what is it about a foul you don’t understand?

It was almost like a Spurs display of old, under Martin Jol, all the possession, a number of clear cut chances but hanging on at the end with that one goal lead while everyone waited for a last second equaliser. But things happen differently under ‘Arry and Gareth Bale wasn’t on the park so we weren’t going to lose.

Much talk about the cheers that Gomes got every time he caught or dealt with the ball. Do Brazilians who probably don’t speak much English get British irony? If he thinks it was all supportive, and he did acknowledge the crowd after, then in the end it might have helped him, he did get better after that first flapping fiasco. It was good to see Robbo get a great reception back at the Lane.

On a completely different track after watching highlights of Pompey v Hull I started to wonder when did Donkey Adams start wearing Frankie Howerd’s syrup?

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