What no mention of M&Ms

Van halen 2008 tour Dave sings happy birthday to Eddie

not even the brown ones.

The tour rider for the recent Van Halen reunion tour is up at The Smoking Gun and the clause about no brown M&Ms backstage hasn’t got a mention, probably a bit too famous now.

Don’t suppose it should be much of a surprise that dressing room #1 is as far away from dressing rooms #2-#4!!!, probably kept things going a bit longer that way, with Dave in #1 and Ed, Alex and Wolfie in 2 to 4. You have to wonder how much interaction the four of them had throughout the whole tour.

A lot of Red Bull, bottled water, Gatorade, fruit but a strange one that Eddie’s onstage cooler should contain four mini bottles of Gallo Twin Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (red & white label, red cap). When you think about his past troubles and the little hiatus during the tour when he was or wasn’t in some sort of rehab.

I wonder what Alex and Wolfie were wanting to watch on the pay-per-view TVs and what the yummy suggested side dish turned out to be at each venue. The other thing that struck me was they required an awful lot of bins (trash cans), one big one yeah I get that but several small ones as well are requested.

That ladies and gentlemen is Rock And Or Roll

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