That was also a game of

two halves.

A game Spurs should have put away in the first half and didn’t seem to turn up for in the second, though still had chances to nick it.

But somehow I knew things weren’t going to end well when Mark Viduka came on half an hour in, maybe my imagination but I think of him as being instrumental in defeating us. And so it was

You’d think Joe, Chris and Mike would like to see Spurs end this hoodoo against the biggest trophyless club on the planet.

Good luck to Paul Stalteri, after he was released by the club and has joined the struggling Borussia Monchengladbach. Three goals in 56 appearances but one of them will be remembered quite a bit more than the other two. It should have sent the West Pikeys down that year, but they cheated their way out of it.

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