It’s not my money the Yanks

would be spending.

So of course there was two players I felt they had to get this off season and yes it was the bleeding obvious ones – CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. Thankfully last night they added the latter to the former.

Yes there are problems, it’s a lot of cash and while the wage bill is down from last year it won’t be down by much when you add in AJ Burnett – a signing I wasn’t hoping for so much. And it’s a lot of years to tie a top notch defensive player at first base, it does create problems about where are the Yanks going to hide those players that are getting on a bit in age in future years. Posada and Jeter can’t stick at their positions for ever and when will ARod need a rest from 3rd, with only the DH spot open to the three there’s a bit of a log jam.

Then there’s an abundance of players that can play outfield, with Swisher added, while not exactly being the greatest out there. Well that’s something Girardi and Cashman are going to have to figure out.

Still on the plus side there’s all the whinging from the haters to brighten the day. Oh the poor old Sux couldn’t pay up that kind of money it would break their wage structure going over the twelve dollars fifty three cents and lunch vouchers they pay annually. I wonder what amount of crying about money and salaries we would have heard from certain media outlets if Tex had headed to BeanTown. Or the other lot who object to the Yanks putting the money they make back into the team, I wonder what they think should be done with it. No doubt they’d like it handed to their team to create parity, welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist Baseball Fans.

Ah there’s more pressure on the Yanks to win number 27 this year with all that money spent, because there was no pressure before was there 🙄

That possible Yanks lineup and rotation, if ARod can keep Madge out of his head and have his usual odd numbered year MVP season could just be a good one. TWKoD.

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