Now that’s what I call proper

Classic Comedy - Rigsby (christmas card)

Chrimbo telly.

Rigsby receives his only Christmas Card in “Rising Damp”

…and The Morecambe & Wise show…with Mr Andrew Preview…

…and a classic bed skit…

…”he’s not going to sell much ice cream going at that speed”…

No gurning ham who seems to have a red hot poker shoved up his aris, making you think that Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy weren’t that bad after all.

No programmes with the word “Celebrity” in the title, you know why it’s called X-Factor, it’s because they haven’t got that far to go before they’re Z list celebs.

No hour long drudge of “real life” aimed at the mentally challenged who can’t go one day without their fix of soapland.

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