Could this be the best late Chrimbo


Yes I know it’s in that rag the Daily Mail so chances of it coming true are slim, but on this bleak December day when it feels too cold to snow when I heard that they reported Junade Ramos is interested in signing Jermaine Jenas it brightened my day up no end.

Then when I heard mention of a fee of £15million, I thought has my birthday moved to join Chrimbo and New Year. Could they actually turn a profit on the useless article bought and played only because Levy liked him.

Well Junade did make him vice captain, this meant with Ledley’s lack of playing time Spurs were led out by Jenas which was about the last time he was seen in most of the games. Woodgate seems to get the arm band now when King is sidelined not Jenas, so even though there is talk that ‘Arry likes him he knows the player – and I use that word in it’s loosest sense – has absolutely no leadership skills whatsoever.

So Juande liked the player, unlike Jol who said he was crap before Levy went and got him for £9million and made the Dutchman play him whenever possible. Maybe the Madrid coach is feeling a touch sympathetic to the club and to the situation he left them in and so is trying to make up for it by taking the worst player to wear the shirt of our hands for a stupid amount of cash.

At this moment Levy should be standing at the Lane with a Madrid hand in his mouth, while ‘Arry isn’t mentioning he would have accepted a lump of coal, a satsuma and some Zavvi or Woolworth gift certificates for the useless ponce. I’m sure if they have a whip round of Spurs fans they could come up with enough money for a first class flight and accommodation for his stay.

Hmmm wasn’t it Souness that said Jenas couldn’t handle the pressure at a little club like the Toon, who are a big part of the local’s lives but aren’t really expected to win anything, he has shown he can’t hack it in the capital so Madrid sounds like the ideal place for him to ply his trade with no pressure at all.

With all the talk of who will be leaving Spurs – Lennon & Bale, dear god no, Bent, yeah maybe, Bentley, the same, Pav, touch and go – and those coming in – Downing, Bellamy, no no and thrice noooo, Defoe, shouldn’t be in this position in the first place – this is by far the best piece of gossip that probably won’t materialise in January.

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