Wolfgang is bringing in a lot of

Eddie Van Halen’s EVH Wolfgang Guitar

searches again.

A lot of hits for people searching for Wolfgang Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen. Well the last time it happened was due to Ed and his son having a little onstage disagreement resulting in Ed heading back into rehab and the reunion tour being postponed for a few weeks.

This time I’m thinking it has less to do with Ed’s large son and might be more to do with the new version of the EVH Wolfgang guitar he’s cooked up with Fender over the last couple of years being released. It’s indestructible you know…

It’s a not bad looking piece of kit, not far off the previous Peavey incarnation shape wise, some good bit of hardware on it, like a compound radius on my fretboard. Don’t think I’ve tried stainless steel frets yet but have looked at them before and thought I’d like ones that don’t rust up and wear down, I do prefer my frets a bit on the big side though, “vintage sized” doesn’t sound like their big enough for me Dunlop 6100s are more like it. Unfinished neck well Ed always has that and it’s the reason I took a pen knife and some wire wool to the back of my first electric and got rid of all that sticky gloop finish, never looked back and can’t stand finished necks now. A thinner neck, well his Ernie Ball/MusicMan signature model had the best neck I think I’ve ever played.

Don’t think I’ll be sticking my name down for one though, at about $2,999.99 – $3,149.99 in the US and with the quid dropping it’s value like a stone it being more than that over here, it’s a bit steep for my pockets, also I’d prefer a blue one, they’ve only got black, white and sunburst now.

Will be interesting to hear the new pickups that took so long to get right. I don’t think I’ll be forking out for the EVH Frankenstein relic humbucker, it may be signed by Ed and have the look of the one in Frankie but getting a dollar change from $400 is more than I’m willing to spend on just one pickup. I’l probably give the standard unrelic’d version a miss too, I don’t know I mean it’s a replica of the pickup as it is now, when according to those in the know it’s changed over the years and I’d prefer the sound it had back then in ’78.

Seymour Duncan ’78 Model
Magnet: Fully Charged Alnico 2
Wire: Plain Enamel
DCR: ~ 9.0K

EVH Frankenstein
Magnet: Degaussed Alnico 2
Wire: Poly
DCR: ~ 14K
Seymour Duncan

Along with all that is also the announcement by Ed that he plans to work on new material – after he marries his publicist Janie Liszewski and Wolfgang graduates from school – with David Lee Roth probably being involved, as well as a follow up tour.

If Dave’s up for singing… then (we’ll) do another tour, and just see where it takes us. Actually, next week or the week after Wolfie, Alex, and I are gonna start jamming. Maybe we’ll give Dave a call and see what he’s up to. He’s off, always doing his own thing, and he checks in every now and then to see how we’re doing. Edward Van Halen

Hmmm new album, I shudder as the thought of the last studio album goes through my mind, if it does happen please let someone reign Eddie in. Make sure you are a band as you claim Ed, not a solo project like that last monstrosity was. Is it too much to ask for a Van Halen album worth the wait for?

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