It’s what you dream of as a kid

joining the club you supported.

Repeatedly being substituted for players that can’t score either, sitting on the bench watching defensive midfielders being brought on when your team needs a goal scorer, or sitting in the stands or at home when you’re not even considered for the 18 man squad.

A dream move.

Funny, some 6 months 1 week ago I posted about this not really turning out to be the dream move Bob thought it would be. Because Pugwash has to accommodate Gerrard and play with the conservative line up he likes, so that means only one spot open for the captain, just behind Torres. Oh that’ll be where Bob wanted to play, hmmm wonder who is going to win that battle. Pugwash better hope those injury prone hamstrings of Torres don’t go twang any time soon, people might start questioning him, two fluke cups and all.

I said he’d probably move onto his other boyhood club, which being a little Oirish leprechaun would of course be Celtic. I somehow didn’t think he’d be making his way back to the Lane in the next transfer window but here he is, Jermaine Defoe’s worst nightmare. Poor old Jermaine moves away to get first team football, then his manager moves so he follows him back to Spurs where finally he is guaranteed to spend his second spell on the park and not on the bench, he’s scoring goals and then he breaks his foot, his club need cover so before he knows it the bloke that kept him underemployed all those months is back.

So to welcome back Bob with open arms? Tough one, yes he’s saying all the right things…

It was a difficult decision to make to leave Tottenham in the summer
It proved not to be the right move for me. I know some Spurs fans will feel I let them down… but I can assure them I’ll be giving my all.
This club has terrific fans and I want to repay them for all their support. We’ve got to get on and fight our way up that league table. Robbie Keane

…but then he said the right things before about wanting to see out his career at the club before a sniff of a chance of playing for Pugwash and he was off, leaving us in the lurch with only Bent up front as well as a chairman and director of football who didn’t have a clue how to replace him.

If he scores a goal against the scum on his return the way he did for the scouse to silence the chants of “what a waste of money” then it’ll make things a lot easier, if he plays like he did the rest of the time in red then it won’t.

With Defoe out for so long, of course a striker was desperately needed and we’ve got ourselves back a good one, one that should work better with ‘Arry than he did with Pugwash. I can see him linking up and working well with Big Pav, can’t seeing it gelling with Bent or Defoe when he returns. Bent has been reassured by ‘Arry but I don’t seeing him being round much longer

One big positive is that it was just a cash deal and the club didn’t hand over Lennon as some part of it. Of course Keane’s cup tied for the League Cup final and the UEFA Cup, might not be able to play in the final game in the league, so we’re relying on Bent and Pav in those games.

So that’s the transfer window then, a bunch of returns, an expensive midfielder and a freebie ‘keeper, a few let go for next to nothing a some loaned out. The returners are pretty good, Shimbomba (© David Pleat) can cover all the back positions, he’s already contributed to two goals, with him at right back Corluka can play in the centre or could even be used in his favourite position of defensive midfielder. Palacios brings something better to the midfield than the options, one of which sadly wasn’t sold. Keane and Defoe were required.

There was no left sided player brought in, I am glad that Chelski nipped in to snaffle up Ricardo Quaresma on loan from Inter, I could see the Portuguese winner of the Golden Bin in Italy, being the type to get dirty in a relegation fight. The ‘keeper understudy was good business, even if he went AWOL for Bolton’s winner at the weekend and I’m happy they didn’t flog off dos Santos to Pompey, yes the little profit made on the £4.7m signing would have brought a smile to Levy’s face but lets actually keep one of those “for the future” players for the future.

5 Replies to “It’s what you dream of as a kid”

  1. Gotta be the best bit of business that your lot ever did.

    Ship out Keane for 20m, get him back 6 months later for 12m. That’s a nice 8m loan deal 😉

    Hope FFS that Torres don’t get injured (again).

  2. Yes, money wise it’s been OK, funny hearing Pugwash go on about how you lot will get more for him than that.

    It’s odds on that Torres picks up another/the same injury, what with an international fixture up soon 😉

    I was thinking along the lines of Big Pav being cup tied because he’d played in the CL with Spartak but they can register Bob, as long as the registration date hasn’t passed.

    Tin pot – you weren’t saying that when Houllier was claiming five cup wins and including the Charity Shield 😛

  3. Now when Torres goes down, a front pairing of Kuyt and Benayoun that’s going to strike fear into defences throughout the land 😀

    On the plus side at least we won’t have to put up with Capello trying to crowbar the square peg into a round hole and give Gerrard yet another undeserved England cap 😉

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