Another wasted opportunity

but still unbeaten against the…

..well it’s not really the “top 4” is it now, oh yes according Sky, the Beeb and other media types it is but according to the table it isn’t. It’s unbeaten against the top 2 and a couple of others who might scrape into the Champions League spots or might struggle to get a UEFA Cup place, if the Villa and Everton do us all a favour.

But yet again Spurs let a golden opportunity to pull away from the relegation quagmire and to end a far too long period without a win over the scum go with the nil nil draw yesterday. Would probably have helped if they had kept 11 on the park and we hadn’t played with a man light from the start.

I don’t know what was more pleasing from the game, Palacios’ outstanding home debut showing exactly why ‘Arry needed to buy him as he covered every bit of the ground and was constantly winning the ball, something lacking in the middle of the park for so long now. Modric showing his ability to run the game, Woodgate and Dawson’s partnership gelling.

All good stuff, but then it’s topped off by Whinger highlighting to everyone what a complete and utter myopic frog twat he is. “Ooo I did not see it”. I seem to recall he used to sport a pair of specs when he first landed over here, maybe he needs to forgo the vanity and start wearing them again because Eboue’s kick out at Modric wasn’t that far away from where he was moaning all afternoon. Does Whinger drive a car, because I don’t know how he could pass the eye sight test unless of course the number plate he was asked to read was in a forest of players and had just fallen over to win a penalty. It really needs a proper post match interviewer, not some scared brown noser, to take the piss out of his answers.

Eboue yet again showing what a scumbag of a player he is and his position on the list of players you’d be quite happy to see on the end of a career ending challenge – along side the likes off Barton, Savage, Hunt – is quite justified. The problem with him going off is it caused them to clam up and Spurs could only really exploit the space down the right wing, with Modric nominally being the left sided player which resulted in the left back Assou-Ekotto just aimlessly humping the ball down the park whenever he got it. That added to Spurs being down to 10 for most of the match with the reintroduction of Jenas to the starting XI didn’t help.

Keane did OK on his comeback but should have buried that header, lack of match practice along with apparently – according to Clive Allen via a third party – a lack of fitness because Pugwash’s outfit don’t train hard, Bob’s been working hard to catch up with his “new” teammates.

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