it all depends on what Capello does tonight.

The England manager could make the friendly against Spain totally meaningless if he picks the usual suspects and if he then goes on to give Beckham his 108th cap.

Yeah the number might be the same as Bobby Moore and so equal the number handed to an outfield player for England but it’s another case of lies, damn lies and statistics. The number will be rendered meaningless because Beckahm shouldn’t be anywhere near that number, he wouldn’t be if his mate Svennis hadn’t been star struck and repeatedly handed out caps to the under performing, injured clothes horse. And then McClown hadn’t been so desperate to hold onto the job he turned one of the only decent decisions he made during his reign, or Capello, for all the talk of being ruthless and not giving out easy caps has done just that.

Yes Moore got a few caps at the end of his international days because Sir Alf fell into the trap all his successors have of picking their favourites no matter what, but it didn’t amount to the same number handed to Beckham, also was Moore ever a sub? Along with the fact Moore deserved to be picked on what he did in an England shirt, where he played for the team not personal glory, no shirking challenges because he was unfit for duty, no crying oin the sidelines when he thought his England career was over.

Bobby Moore was a great player, Beckahm isn’t – is not now, never has been and never will be – he’s a half decent crosser of the ball, when the ball is stationary, as with his free kicks, yes there’s been good ones but his conversion rate is more Andy Cole than world class.

Now what team will Capello pick tonight, will it be the usual suspects, led by a skipper who is having a shocking season trying to defend for his club?

Why not stick some kids in there, you know what the likes of Lampard etc can do, hell if you can’t tell by now then there’s no hope. Bung all the Villa lads in there, they know how to play as a team together, Milner, Young, Barry all know how each other plays, where they make runs too and how to feed Agbonlahor. Yeah Martin won’t be too happy about his players not getting a rest, but I ain’t a Villa fan so what do I care. I’d play Green in goal, he’s been playing well for the pikeys where as James has been in buffoon mode lately, who has a better defensive record than Everton of late? Only ManUre, so Jagielka should be in there, I would have also picked Leighton Baines at left back, Cole and Bridge haven’t exactly been on top form recently.

Fabio is worried about the Spanish midfield, well combat it with pace and Carrick who has been outstanding of late, both he and Barry can keep the ball and pass a team to death, that added to Heskey dropping deep to occupy say Senna, you can then utilise the extreme pace the others give the side. In their faces, quick, pacy, wing play, one pass stuff, who wouldn’t like to see England play that way? But no doubt we’ll have Downing, Lampard and Beckham trudging around never getting the ball off the Spaniards. All of whom now I’ve written this will be lauded in the press tomorrow for their outstanding displays – I’ll find a way to contradict them don’t worry 😉

What odds on ITV missing any goals tonight while they’re at an advert brake? It’s almost like watching the old Pathe news films of the cup final where they never manage to catch the goals.

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