Can we move on now

he got number 108 did bugger all with it except show why it should be the last.

Clogging up the midfield with a bunch of slow trugders really worked a treat for Capello last night against Spain, as England were flattered by a two nil loss.

Yes the Italian will have learned a lot from that game the only problem being it’s basic stuff he should have known already, but with his starting XI and then the substitutions it’s all too bleeding obvious he hasn’t.

Unless of course you are someone who started life mentally retarded and then proceeded to addle whatever little brain you had with copious amounts of booze and coke then you wouldn’t think the two passes Beckham managed to find a white shirt with were “differen’ clarss”. A quick flick through the channels after the game brought that piece of expert analysis from Paul “as fick as they come” Merson.

When not inside leaving too much space on his flank, he was so deep that any ball was easy for the opposition to clean up, yeah there was the ball through to Cole but that was it really. The problem is so many are satisfied with one pass in 45 minutes, they totally over look everything else that was woeful from the ex-captain. Why couldn’t the ref have done us all a favour and sent him off, he did enough with a couple of rash challenges and the gobbing off to get a few yellow cards – during Bobby Moore’s 108 cap career he was never carded never mind being sent off twice. He’s got to stick around a while to beat Shilton’s record of 125 caps, now there’s another who over stayed his welcome, Paul Parker was doing what he should have done against Germany, running out to close down the free kick, it wasn’t his fault it looped over Shilton who shouldn’t have been that far off his line. Never did save a penalty either did he and he wasn’t able to out jump a short fat bloke with a bent arm.

Can the MLS now be the saviours of England and stop any deal with AC Milan, take their show pony back, remove him from Fabio and numerous others loving gaze.

Beckham will probably be as lucky as Gerrard was during the last World Cup, as his awful contribution will be over looked because Lampard was probably worse. Did he actually find any intended England players with a pass?

Will Fabio now learn that certain players are past it or indeed never had it, doubtful as he still thinks Downing is an international player. All the talk of the Villa boys getting a game, Milner was odds on to make his full debut after a record forty under 21 caps, but no neither he nor Ashley Young started or came on as a sub. We’re told Capello only picks on form, who has better form than the Villa players, lets see a player for Citeh who has done nothing for months bar getting banned and someone who plays for ‘Boro one of the worst teams in the league, who have scored the least amount of goals in all four English leagues of which Downing has contributed absolutely zero from his 43 attempts on goal.

What exactly has Ashley Young done to piss off Fabio?

It’s no wonder the Spanish played with England last night, so many of the England side have the ball retention of a pair of boxer shorts there was no real pace with players running with the ball to frighten them, every time someone made forward they’d pass it off and before you knew it the ball was back with the ‘keeper/defenders and it resulted in the likes of James, Ashley Cole, Beckham etc just humping aimless balls up to Agbonlahor, Heskey and Crouch. If they did nod it down it was straight to a red shirt and it would be ages before England would get a sniff of the ball again.

Of course with Merson logic used Pique would have been sent off for the last man foul on Heskey, when he was incorrectly given offside, and England would have gone on to win “free nuffink”. They would have just given us the ball in that case and the likes of Iniesta, Xavi and Villa wouldn’t have run rings round us, while hardly ever getting or needing to get out of first gear. 🙄

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