Tesco Value Card

Tesco Value Valentine's Day Card
Tesco Value Valentine's Day Card

St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

Now usually when certain well known “Hallmark Holidays” rear their ugly heads the visitor numbers for this place increases as folks search for Tesco Value Cards.

It went a bit nuts just before last Xmas as the financial woes of the land took hold, but two months on into a new year with Gormless Gordon’s inability to save the world from global economic meltdown it’s seen a huge influx with Valentine’s Day tomorrow. All the posts mentioning the cards are recording numbers 10 to 20 times the norm, most have been on the end of more views this last couple of weeks than their total views from when they were originally posted, most over a year ago, to the beginning of February. Today the visitors at 1pm were about one and a half times the total amount from yesterday and yesterday’s were the same amount greater than the day before that.

Well thanks to a commentator the other day the link’s are all correct and they now have an even bigger selection for nearly all occasions.

Today’s Toxic Top Tip: Want to cause trouble?

Say for example a mate has got himself attached to some annoying bint you can’t stand, send either or indeed both of them a Valentine’s Day card – use different handwriting of course if sending to both, it does work best if they live together – with a very lurid and telling anonymous message. It’s all bound to come out in the wash at some point.

Now your mate will be able to enjoy himself on nights out, so many birds killed with one stone.

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