A win is a win and

three points are three points.

And were exactly what was required at the time, bloody hell who would have thought beating Hull City 2-1 would be so excruciating? – Anyone who has supported Spurs for any length of time.

Thankfully Hull aren’t the same side that beat Spurs at the Lane while they were cruising about at the top of the table earlier in the season. Or those three points to go towards staying up would have to be found elsewhere, ‘Boro and Sunderland maybe, the games after that maybe not. Thankfully as well Hull didn’t learn that Spurs were in short corner mood last night, so let Modric have the ball in plenty of space time after time to eventually let Lennon strike a cracker…

But yet again Spurs can’t defend a corner, Cudicini was doing his best most of the night to reinforce Gomes’ comments about the Italian being the number two and the Brazilian being ‘Arry’s first choice between the sticks. He flapped and nearly everything that came his way…

…on the odd occasion he caught the ball with ease it just highlighted the mistakes even more. ‘Arry wanted an understudy he could trust, I thought he had one, he thought he had one, looks like he doesn’t. Cudicini did start flapping at crosses on his few appearances for Chelsea, looks like it might be more than just a bit of rust from sitting on the bench.

A decidedly crap first half performance wasn’t helped by ‘Arry’s choice of starting XI and their positions. With 4-4-2, Modric on the left and Jenas in the middle it’s never going to work, you have two players out of position. Modric can’t influence the game the way he is able to playing wide and Jenas is out of position on the park, as he only influences the game by giving the ball away and hiding giving his opposing number the freedom of the park. Modric needs to be central alongside a workhorse, that player is now there with Palacios unfortunately ‘Arry has carried on making the same mistake of his two predecessors, bowing to the wish of Levy and playing the ponce.

If only Jenas had the heart, fight and pride of say Woodgate, yeah there was wobbles at the back but there was a winner up front…

And I can’t see the midfield dynamo coming off the park looking like Woody did near the end of the game.

And yet there was no comeback equaliser, not even from a corner, for Hull, so three points, which has helped suck Phil Brown’s falling team deeper into the relegation mire only a point ahead of Spurs now, ah great another team to muddy the waters, the more the merrier.

Play like that, with that team, next week and I can’t see a celebration like Wembley saw last year.

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