“Cricketers would never be under any threat

from terrorists.”

Imran Khan said he knew this for a fact because…

Terrorists rely on support from the masses because that’s where they get their recruits, and cricket is a game which is so loved and there’s such passion in Pakistan, that the terrorists know that if a cricket match is bombed, they’ve had it.

The public will just turn against them Imran Khan

Well the actions in Lahore yesterday blew that assumption clean out of the water, didn’t they Imran.

The ex-England opener and current match official Chis Broad has had some interesting things to say about the security his colleagues and the Sri Lankan team were provided with by the Pakistan authorities.

I am angry at the Pakistani security forces.

We were promised high level security and in our hour of need that security vanished and they left us to be sitting ducks. had an inkling before the Test match leg of the tour that something might happen.

I raised my concerns with the ICC before the tour started and they passed on those concerns to the Pakistan Cricket Board and they assured me through email that all security would be taken care of, presidential-style security. And clearly that didn’t happen.

When we were in the van we weren’t aware of what was going on outside. But afterwards when you watch the TV pictures you can clearly see the white van we were in, in the middle of a roundabout and not a sign of a policeman anywhere. Chris Broad

The thing is that does constitute “presidential-style security” that’s why so many leaders are killed out there and sometimes by those they trust. Which brings to this amazing piece of good luck…

The Pakistan team coach, which had travelled alongside the Sri Lankans on the first two days of the match, was delayed and so avoided the attack Telegraph

…what a lucky coincidence that was. 🙄

Pakistan is now a no go area for touring teams, after all who thought they’d go after the Sri Lankan team. England have to consider themselves extremely lucky nothing happened to them when they returned to India after the Bombay attack, after all what kind of security can really stand up to rocket launchers?

With no teams heading there the attackers will move south as they’ve shown they can do it with ease, it could just destroy the international game in the subcontinent. How many players will be thinking hard about whether the money they will earn from the IPL is good enough to risk what would be a very high profile target.

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  1. That was the severe security laps because terrorists were not in hurry. I have seen them walking in nearby streets in many available videos. That is just shocking and I am wondering what PCB done for that?

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