‘Arry won’t have to worry about

fixture congestion next season then.

After losing the Carling Cup on penalties there’ll be no Europa League to bother building our hopes up about only to sacrifice in the latter stages, cos there’s too many games. That’s of course if ‘Arry’s about, after all not so long back a certain Spaniard actually won a certain cup and was out of the door shortly after, he got us a place in Europe which was all that people were going on about at one time.

Wonder what ‘Arry said to the players pre the penalties, well to two of them he probably told them to remember they are English…

Feel sorry for O’Hara, he gives his all, should have been involved in last years triumph and then has to suffer this. Bentley on the other hand, well something about the bloke makes it hard. All that arrogance doesn’t amount to much when you can’t back it up, on the plus side his arrival at the club seems to have reinvigorated Lennon.

He had one of his best games in a Spurs shirt yesterday and it was close with Modric for man of the match, there’s not many players that have Evra on toast the little winger had him with butter and jam.

Now if most of them could play like that for the rest of the season any relegation worries will be well behind them. Yeah most of them, Lennon, Modric outstanding in running the game. Zokora playing like he knows with Palacios about he’s going to have to up his game, which he did a huge amount, he’s got the energy we’ve all known that we also know he has the ability as he showed in the World Cup and yesterday. Dawson and King at the back and back to where they were a couple of seasons back when they were the best pairing about, Dawson really seems to have gotten over his dodgy spell. Assou-Ekotto, well if you can defend that well against the best player in the world then why not do it the rest of the bloody time. Corluka, usual solid display, Gomes didn’t have much to do really.

Of course some players played to their usual standard, the ManUre central players didn’t exactly run the middle of the park and yet Jenas did bugger all again, admittedly he didn’t give the ball away with his usual alacrity, to busy poncing about and hiding. The front pair showed they aren’t that, a pair, Bent runs about but you wouldn’t want to put your life on his scoring and his positional sense is lacking. As is big Pav’s at times, he looks like he wants to play the Berbatov but he hasn’t got the class. Though I wouldn’t have taken off the Russian and kept Bent on, a decision that seemed strange when Bentley, a crosser of the ball, came on later. With a better striking partner, Keane or Defoe, we’ll see a better player with Pavlyuchenko.

A loss on penalties, their goalie was man of the match, for all the talk about kids playing they had a lot of experience out there, yeah Ledley fouled Ronaldo for what should have been a penalty, but O’Shea should have got his marching orders, you could hardly tell ManUre had any fans in the ground – prawn sandwiches must have been too good – it could have been a great day. It brings up a question…

Is it better to get thrashed by the far superior side on the day or to just miss out?

Oh well only the league to concentrate on now ‘Arry, no excuses left, except of course for the injuries after extra-time and all that.

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