Jacqui Smith’s husband

Robert Timney husband of Jacqui Smith Home Secretary
Robert Timney husband of Jacqui Smith Home Secretary

you know the one.

Yes him, the one taking the fall for the Home Secretary claiming expenses for watching some films and not just porno ones either, obviously it took them a couple of viewings to get the intricacies of “Ocean’s Thirteen”.

Well after seeing him shuffle out he back door of his “second home” – you know the main residence of the Home Secretary in her constituency that she’s claiming for – I can’t make up my mind…

…he’s one of them lot above.

Does he look like, one time England captain and ex-Spurs manager Gerry Francis or old time West Ham player and father of current England international Frank Lampard Snr, or ex-Radio 1 DJ and current host of a show that has people thinking guessing about boxes is a skill Noel Edmonds or The Master after falling on hard times.

The bizarrely titled “Blair Babe” – well if you consider someone who wouldn’t look out of place in the part of Mimi Maguire’s sister in Shameless a babe – hasn’t been a great friend to the porn industry, talking out against it and cracking down on it in best Gormless Gordon Soviet Britain style. So it’s strange to see that one of the films watched would seem to be aimed at either women or the gay market.

Did someone watch it on that night when Ms. Smith was out of town or was it recorded for later viewing?

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