That seems awfully familiar

doesn’t it.

Totally outclass a team, get in front, don’t manage to score the killer second goal that will put the game out of reach of a completely inferior side only to find a way to lose at the death.

Totally bamboozled by the tactical genius that is Big Sam Allardyce and his revolutionary attitude to the game. Stick big lump up front, get him to make a nuisance of himself while you lump balls into him. Bit of diving and inept refs also helps. Can’t appeal a second yellow can you, is in competition with Glenn Johnson’s sending off against Hull as the worst of the weekend.

It’s all well and good doing that against the Woolwich scum, in fact it’s great when Sam gets his team to bully the lilly-livered whingers off the park but not when it’s against a proper side.

Just not football now is it.

Still what is it ‘Arry is always pointing out – 8 games 2 points.

It’s disappointing, but we were bottom when I arrived and could have gone seventh here ‘Arry Redknapp

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