That wasn’t supposed to happen

was it?

Yes I was supposed to post up yesterday about the Yanks first win of the season behind a storming debut from $161 million CC Sabathia, helped by $180 million Mark Teixeira against the latter’s home town Orioles.

The fact I didn’t post anything yesterday had nothing to do with the fact it didn’t turn out like that instead it was a 10-5 loss to the Baltimore birds, but this place crapped out on me, somehow got my I.P. blocked by the host.

CC didn’t have his stuff on the day and Tex might have let some of the crowd get to him when he could manage no more than one base on balls. Oh well one down one hundred and sixty one to go, as Yanks manager Joe Girardi said…

I guess we’re not going to go 162-0 Joe Girardi

Historically CC and Tex haven’t been the best of starters to the season, would any of the Yanks competitors now turn around and say they wouldn’t want either player after one game in April if they had the chance? No!

Wang tonight, he’ll get me some fantasy points.

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