Spurs doing their bit

for the good of the game.

By making sure the Toon made they way back on the long trip North without a point Spurs did their good turn for the day.

Making sure the great unwashed’s new Messiah doesn’t succeed in his “no lose” job, was a must. But it still won’t get those that hang about outside St. James’ Park on the off chance there’s going to be telly cameras around covering a new twist in the on going soap opera, asking why didn’t he step in sooner, was it because he could be blamed for taking them down if he was in charge for more games.

It had all the hallmarks of being a typical game at the Lane against such opposition, stuffing a shambles of a side – who needed a team talk 33 minutes in – while only actually scoring one goal, as most Spurs fans waited the introduction of Viduka and Martins. The former to shield the ball with his fat lumbering arse, laying it off to the latter who rips the net with a screamer.

But it didn’t happen, even with the mighty Dawson being stretchered off and no Ledley to lead the defence it was another clean sheet, fifth straight at home when was the last time that happened?

So ‘Arry could be happy after the game as everything was triffic and he could mention that we only had 2 points from 8 games before his arrival and are now just a win off a Europa League spot.

Now we just have to home those remaining teams that Mary Poppins side face do their job and make sure the great unclothed ones can shout about being a huge club because they get so many to watch what is in reality a second division match. And if you look at the bottom of that division – The Championship – you’ll see the bottom five places are occupied by teams that have been in the Premier League, teams that have actually won things during the lifetime of your average current magpie fan, things that count unlike the Intertoto Cup which isn’t even a cup but a tile, is it too much to ask that they also plummet down the leagues like Citeh, Forrest and Leeds did?

Intertoto "Cup"

Of course now I’ve asked for it, it won’t happen and Poppins will re-enter MotD on the shoulders of Hansen and Lawrenson.

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