Who wrote Squirrel Nutkin’s

MPs expenses

little missive at the weekend?

After all she may have put her name to it but as someone whose only status is “on message” there’s no way she could have written it by herself. Hazel Blears is the prime example of a Nu Labour bint, promoted above her station based on her only talent – to be the Phil Neale to a Graham Taylor saying “yes boss” when called upon – and like so many you struggle to understand why the word “babe” was ever used – it’s a ginga dwarf for christ sake.

Squirrel Nutkin - Hazel blears
Squirrel Nutkin - Hazel blears

That’s why she couldn’t have written it herself, she can’t think for herself, if she could she wouldn’t be anywhere near the cabinet. No she’s you bog standard Stepford Minister handed a piece of paper with what to say written on it by someone Stalin Brown trusts to instil the fear, she’s told to read the script, memories the script do not deviate from the script. Why would they need someone who could think on their feet.

So she stumps up on various TV programs, regurgitates the script as she was told and then just repeats phrases from the text when asked questions, no matter what those questions are, who cares if they have absolutely nothing to do with the prepared script. Question about the Gurkhas, just repeat lines about Joseph Brown saving the world with his superior economic knowledge. What about the police killing people wandering around the street? Gordon is teaching other world leaders how to get out of this financial mess. Are you retarded? Gordon as made sure you haven’t had it any better.

So which leadership campaigner handed her the script that appeared in the Observer?

Even with this disastrous presentation…

…poor old Squirrel would be too thick to figure out how bad it is.

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