You have to laugh

don’t ya…

Certain clubs just don’t elicit much sympathy, I wonder why?

Yeah they should have had a number of penalties, the ref was out of his depth, you know UEFA didn’t want another all English final, Barca are the darlings of many but somehow that’s all overshadowed by the likes of Drogba and Ballack.

Strange to think that ManUre can show more dignity when there wasn’t much protestation at Fletcher’s red card, but ten of course they were cruising into the final and were more interested in their own glory. Also strange how UEFA came straight out and said there was no way to over turn the card but all of a sudden the Scottish general secretary of UEFA David Taylor has said they’ll look into the subsequent suspension of the Scottish international.

Funny also when a number of journos were trying to justify their mate Giggs getting the PFA Player of the Year they kept mentioning that Fergie picks him for the big games. Err no he doesn’t he picks both Fletcher and Park for the big games, Giggs gets Boro and West Ham. Now would you pick either of them for a player of the year award?

It was good to see in the first semi-final that the Woolwich scum’s captain leading from the front and their main striker showing his devoted commitment to the team 😆 still they stuck around about as long as their prawn sandwich brigade plastic fans. You have to wonder how long their new stand in captain will last at the club after indicating that it was just a corner and not a penalty at Pompey at the weekend. Doesn’t he realise who he’s playing for a club that got into the top flight by cheating and have continued to do so ever since, a club of pimps, druggies, convicts, counterfeiters, thieves. Being honest won’t get him far but then of course he only took his honesty so far, he didn’t instruct the penalty taker to not score now did he.

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