An easy game to overshadow

was that.

Not much happened, ‘Arry tried a new formation which elicited about the only excitement, 3-3-2-2 or 3-5-2 or 5-3-2, one or indeed all of them at some point in the game and Spurs cruised around for a 0-0 draw.

So it wouldn’t take much to forget the game certainly nothing as bad as the reason Wilson Palacios wasn’t in the squad on Saturday and will miss the rest of the season. The police back in his homeland, Honduras, found a body which they believe is that of his younger brother, who was kidnapped after Palacios’ move to Birmingham in 2007 and wasn’t set free after a ransom of $500,000 was paid shortly after.

Footballers over here claim they have it tough what with media intrusion, and not being able to go out and enjoy themselves at night in peace but in reality they don’t know they’re born. Head to other continents and it’s a totally different world, what have you got to put up with here has nothing on the goings on in Latin America. So you might meet a nutter in a club and if you’re stupid enough to live in Scouseland your house will probably be turned over at some point but the media over there is far more in your face and savage, we don’t get players relatives held to ransom in leafy Cheshire, players aren’t shot for making a simple mistake in a game.

It’s the same with officials, all the talk of death threats aimed at Tom Henning Ovrebo because of his inept performance in the Champions League semi, pretty much amounts to what those threats were – talk. If it had been a Copa Libertadores game chances are it would be a bit more serious than interweb chatter. You have to wonder why anyone would take up officiating out there, many refs over here are accused of having huge egos and thinking they are the reason people are fans – when everyone knows Alan “I’m bored of this but it’s a big game so I have to be here” Green is the reason people follow the game – but over there you must have a huge ego to put yourself in that position.

Bill Shankley’s little joke about it being “more important than that” has more meaning in other parts of the world, “it’s just a game” doesn’t come into it. I know I wasn’t allowed to go to games when I was over there.

It also places into perspective Ledley’s inability to have a night out without getting rat arsed then man handled away from a club, usually with his trousers round his ankles. I dunno for such a placid, quiet spoken individual he hasn’t half got himself into these situations in the past few months. You didn’t hear about stuff like this before, what happened Ledley?

Tough to say but anyone who uses the phrase “do you know who I am?” kind of deserves what they get. Come on Ledley you are better than that. But maybe that’s the way the club is trying to head, what with courting Craig Bellamy and now talk of Joey Barton, dear god ‘Arry I know you nearly took the Toon job but just because you didn’t doesn’t mean you have to rebuild that shambles at the Lane.

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