Now for ‘Arry to make Spurs

his own side.

One game to go, at least an 8th place finish, a Europa League spot still up for grabs, ‘Arry’s looking forward though he still looks back a bit – “2 points 8 games”.

Saturday’s victory over Citeh had all the hallmarks of a Spurs game of yore, batter the visitors for the first half but don’t put the game to bed, what price on a different score if Citeh didn’t have Given, let them come out all fired up after the break, don’t turn up and lose the lead.

But then ‘Arry made changes and the game changed again and moved away from the standard, with a decision going Spurs’ way – correctly, Mark Hughes another with those on telly and radio who haven’t a clue what constitutes a foul, same as Shearer who is still trying to get goals by fouls on the keeper as he did to cost England against Argentina in the ’98 World Cup – and it’s another home win and with only one goal conceded a club record 10 league goals let in during a league campaign is set.

Oh and no Mark you don’t deserve as much credit as ‘Arry, you may have heard about “2 points from 8 games”, he inherited a dispirited squad that were heading for the Championship. 29 games and 49 points later ‘Arry has lifted the side – taken over a season at that points per game average and it’s 64 points top 5 finish – where as with a reasonably settled side the addition of a big name signing you might get a top 10 finish.

Now ‘Arry’s got his market trader sheepskin on, time for summer wheeling dealing bringing in some new faces and getting rid of some, starting with Bentley and Pavlyuchenko by the looks of things…

David’s [Bentley] going to look at it and think ‘hang on, I’m not getting in the team even when Aaron Lennon’s not fit. Maybe it is time I moved on ‘Arry Redknapp

He really has been superfluous since ‘Arry replaced Ramos, where apart from one particular game he didn’t deliver what he promised – crosses and set pieces. Yes that volley against the Woolwich scum will go down in folklore but it doesn’t make a Spurs career. I can’t say I really wanted him that badly, nowt to do with either his arrogance towards the England set up or the fact he was previously with the aforementioned Wanderers it’s just I didn’t see the need for a slow right sided player with Lennon about, all that was required was to improve the little wingers game. To a certain end the purchase of Bentley has done that with Lennon lifting his game, it can still improve and he’s only 22 and we keep being told a certain other team are for the future withe players around that age.

‘Arry with many wasn’t too happy with Big Pav…

I don’t like that. It’s not something I like. You’re looking to scrap away.
The fans are here and paying their money to watch and I think when a player runs down the tunnel without sitting down and watching and getting behind the team, I think that is disrespectful to his team-mates ‘Arry Redknapp

The striker has been on the go for a bit of time now, with the Russian league and the Euro Championship and then into the Premier League he hasn’t had a break, so we haven’t seen the best of him, he’s not the greatest but I’d prefer to see him stay than have him replaced by some of the names mentioned. If he goes it has to be for a top player coming in, not a Cisse or Jones.

A bit of luck and Jenas will be flying off to Inter soon after the final whistle of the season.

Now can we do a league double and season treble over Pugwash’s scousers, nick that European spot from Fulham who have had an outstanding season for a team who were 15 minutes from exiting the top flight this time last year. Always like Roy Hodgson and he’s done a great job with very little resources, the fact that 9 players have played 90% of the games says a lot. He and David Moyes who has done a great job with a very small squad should be manager’s of the season none of the usual suspects no matter what they win.

And then there’s only one question left…

How many Man Utd fans would like to see them lose to Hull City in the last game to condemn Shearer and the Toon to the drop?

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