I hate eBay

dot com.

It always has exactly what I need or would like right there at a reasonable price which would be fine if it wasn’t for shipping and import duty and VAT. So it just sits there and mocks with US based listings while I try and find the same thing on eBay dot co dot UK which never has exactly what I want.

Just trying to find a decent set of reasonably priced routing templates for a Jazzmaster guitar. I’ve got a few bits of hardware lying about that I want to use up, neck and pickups here, knobs and screws there. Figured I’d get a cheap block of decent tonewood, basswood or poplar or such like, whip out a Jazzmaster shape and slap on the bits I have.

Well my own take on the aforementioned Fender, a pair of standard humbuckers (Lace) wired with the standard lower bout three way toggle but instead of the rhythm circuit I’d stick in some slider switches with the Jimmy Page wiring scheme – coil splits either individual or both pickups on one switch, a phase switch and a series/parallel switch – then probably individual volumes and maybe a tone control. Bang in a proper Wilkinson tremolo, instead the usual buzzy, slack unit, some locking tuners and hey presto.

But could I find a router template for a Jazzmaster in the UK, could I buggery. Plenty of them over on that dot com site, along with tons of great wood, finishing and parts resources all at the type of prices that wouldn’t have me giving a second thought to hitting that BIN button.

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