A good day for the game

of football, thanks Villa.

I seem to remember I wasn’t too happy when Spurs lost at home to Hull just over 7 months ago, I now realise I should have been, after all those three points helped a certain black & white team on their way to relegation yesterday.

I also seem to recall I was more than happy when Damien Duff priced himself out of a move to the Lane and Newcastle nipped into to “snatch” him from under our noses for a snip at £5 million. I didn’t rate him then and knew with our history of sicknotes it would be asking for trouble. Since the 2006 move he’s played only 68 games and scored 4 goals, or should that be 5 as I don’t think the one he banged in yesterday counts, though it may be the best of the lot…

…how far wide was that Barry attempt going 😆

It’s great, we won’t have to put up with the joke “massive” club anymore, after all the likes of Sky don’t bother that much with teams outside the top flight. So we won’t have the fish faced David Craig stood outside St James’ being shouted at by some educationally subnormal middle aged man in a replica shirt hailing the arrival of the new Messiah when the next manager is brought in. And a bit of luck it won’t be just the team that are not on Match Of The Day next season the current Messiah will forgo the comfort of the sofa where he just repeats the question put to him by The Boy LineAcre, to help his beloved side follow the likes of Leeds, Forrest, Leicester, Wednesday, QPR, Oldham, Swindon and the three teams that ended the current season in the bottom three places of the the Championship, Norwich, Southampton and Charlton and head from the top into the third tier of the leagues.

Though of course a number of those teams fans have a crumb of comfort in that they’ve seen their side lift a trophy in their lifetime.

Some other games went on at the weekend as well, I’ve paid as much attention to a certain one in Scouseland since it ended as the Spurs players did while it was going on. Limp end to the season for ‘Arry’s lot, could have nicked that last Europa League spot from Fulham but obviously decided against it as it would mean more work next season, going by certain players. Well when I saw Bale in the starting XI I figured we’d be hard pressed to do the league double and domestic treble over Pugwash’s pikeys.

Anyway gonna be a long old summer of trade rumours now isn’t it, oh joy if it amounts to the names being bandied about so far, Brown from Celtic, Jones and Cisse from Sunderland and Downing if he comes back from injury, not the kind of names that fill you with confidence for next time around.

So anyway here’s some end of season crap…

Best Managers:

  1. Roy Hodgson – with no money he took Fulham from minutes away from relegation to their highest ever league position, playing good football – can we have Murphy back please.
  2. David Moyes – not much money, very thin squad, no strikers and fifth with a cup final to look forward to.
  3. ‘Arry Redknapp – 2 points from 8 games.
  4. Tony Pulis – still never been relegated as a manager, not many picked that when they won promotion and in the end they weren’t close to being really. OK they ain’t pretty but that’s not his job and you don’t see the sell out crowds at the Britannia complaining
  5. Phil Brown – again who expected Hull to stay up and they way he did it pissing off so many was a pleasure, especially those that didn’t like his singing yesterday

Goal – Bentley against the Woolwich scum, if it’s the only thing he does in a Spurs shirt that the fans remember then it’s not a bad thing.

Big thanks of the season: Mike Ashley, Keggy Keegle, Chris Hughton, Joe Kinnear, Chris Hughton, Colin Calderwood, Alan Shearer – a job well done.

Honourable mention to Pugwash for throwing away the title with your little rant, what does Fergie like better than to know he’s got under someone’s skin that much and that as they say is a fact. Funny how probably his best player of the season was Alonso, who he could get rid off quick enough last summer.

Best player, I dunno really Mark Schwarzer, Brede Hangeland, a total cost of £2.5 million between them and one was for nowt. Better choices than Giggs, who shouldn’t have got a player award if you go by the logic of his backers that Fergie picked him for the big games. No he didn’t, he picked him for the little games, if “big games” was the criteria then Park or Fletcher should have got the award. 🙄 Hell even if you think Ronaldo had a bad season, compared to the last couple, he still played more games and scored 20+ more goals than Giggs.

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