Year of the ‘Foot


Video embed plugin doesn’t seem to like this video, so the big play button doesn’t appear on screen, you need to mouse over the big black square above then click the list icon on the right hand side to access the Chickenfoot videos.

Anyway, since getting the self titled debut album by Chickenfoot I’ve given it a hell of a blasting through the speakers.

At this time of economic and world woes what the people need is not some short arse new Speaker of the House but a bit of the ‘Foot. Good old fashioned fun, rock and or roll and that’s exactly what Messrs. Hagar, Satriani, Anthony and Smith provide in just under an hour through eleven tracks.

Yes there’s some social commentary in there, starting with the opening track, “Avenida Revolucion”, about those trying to get across the border from Mexico to the US, and a bit here and there. But for the most part it’s just big old dumb fun rock, great grooves here, stellar riffs there and party lyrics all over the place.

Yeah it has the feel of a Sammy Hagar solo album, nowt wrong with that of course, Joe Satriani has tailored his playing extremely well to the band situation, you hear more of Mad Mike’s bass playing than probably ever before on disc and he forms a nice rhythm unit with Chad Smith. You can definitely hear more fills and licks from Anthony’s bass than on any Van Halen record, obviously given the room to show his stuff in a “all in” band experience rather than having to be subservient to the boss.

Saying all that it’s more Montrose than solo Sammy and that’s a plan worth following.

OK there’s some dodgy moments, I’m not one for the power ballad, some of the lyrics are a bit… you know … but it’s about having fun and daft lyrics make for good listening when you just want to relax and groove with the tune.

Funny seeing Joe Satriani in the above videos in front of a wall of his signature Peavey amps what with the sudden announcement of his jump to Marshall a couple of days back. Not good news for Peavey another big name jumping ship, after Eddie Van Halen.

Also bit funny though when there was big ads for Chickenfoot all over the Peavey website a little announcement was there in the news section of the Marshall site…

Marshall Amplification plc is pleased to announce that Joe Satriani will be using a Marshall backline for new group Chickenfoot. The super group, made up of four rock legends, started the European leg of their world tour on June 20th and will be heading back over to the States in August to continue .

Joe contacted Marshall Amplification prior to the first show at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria in order to check out some new Marshall gear. Marshall took some amps to the rehearsals, and Joe loved the tone of the JVM410H. The man himself had this to say, “I’m just looking to achieve the best guitar sound every moment I’m plugged in and that brought me back to Marshall Amps.”

Joe used the JVM410H for the show at the Nova Rock Festival and will be visiting the Marshall factory this week to have a look around and try out different speaker Marshall Amps

Peavey still got Chickenfoot under “Featured Artists” on their site and are promoting the Satch signature amps on the big Flash piece on the front page. But their image funnily has Satch off to the side, almost separated from the band which is very useful for the news item about Michael Anthony’s move to using Peavey amps where Joe is cut out of the pic and isn’t mentioned in the band line up…

Chickenfoot, the supergroup formed by bass legend Michael Anthony with Sammy Hagar and Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith, relies on a Peavey backline for its self-titled debut album, released on June 5.Peavey

All very strange and surprising what with Satriani talking very recently about his work with Peavey on the JSX 50 amp, will that now see the light of day? Will Peavey do what they did after EVH dropped out and just rebrand them, the 5150s becoming the 6505s. The thing is with the 5150s you saw a lot of name artists using them, they could still do promo work with those artists, can’t say I’ve noticed a lot of JSX users out there.

Now in the “Oh Yeah!” video isn’t that a Crate Blackheart head and cab Joe is playing out in the yard in front of the hoop, now that would have been a move no one would have seen coming and a great coup for those little amps.

But no Joe moves on to good old British Marshalls…

What can I say? I guess I’m crazy… But, I’m just looking to achieve the best guitar sound every moment I’m plugged in, and that brought me back to Marshall Amps Joe Satriani

Nothing says rock and or roll like a backline of Marshalls.

Can’t help thinking Joe went about things weirdly, Vox for pedals when he already had a relationship with Ibanez who have been known to make a pedal or two in association with Maxon, he’s using what looks like an Ibanez or Maxon flanger in his current board , he has a new creation in the pipeline with Vox, though of course as with most celeb Twitters I got no reply when asking what it does. Yeah I know Vox make pedals and their wah is about as famous as wahs get but…

Also how well does the Satchurator work with the Marshall JVM410H and is it actually required with a four channel beast like that?

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