The Michael Jackson dead factor

Farrah Fawcett poster
Farrah Fawcett poster

didn’t take long to kick in.

Toxic Web already number one on Google for the illiterate searching for “micheal jackson daed body movie clips”.

Now folks is he really dead? Think about it, he’s broke and death was the greatest career move for Elvis, he hasn’t stopped shifting shit since that day he struggled to shift his final shit.

So was that Wacko you say announcing those concerts at the 02, could have been anyone I mean it doesn’t require the greatest plastic surgeon in the world to make a face like that now does it. So fake the death, all those pathetic screaming fans won’t return the tickets but keep them for souvenirs so there’s the money from that and just watch those albums fly off the shelf, it should be enough for any future run ins with parents.

And that’s who you have to feel sorry for, the parents, where are they going to get their out of court settlements, after pimping out the kids, now?

But lets all grab our crotch and squeal to the Church of Michael Jackson…

Ah but Sikipedia is down so just reduced to comments on Twitter…

“RIP Mike, your music will be missed…I never felt threatened, I only have daughters.” – Ethan Suplee

“#FollowAFiddlerFriday Oh bugger, he’s snuffed it.” – HarryHotstuff

“In light of his death, all of Michael Jacksons upcoming dates have been cancelled. They were James (aged 9) and Thomas (aged 11).” – HarryHotstuff

If I were Farrah Fawcett I’d be on the phone to my bloody agent! Speaking of which, what do you remember the acting or the poster?

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