Different capital

same idiots.

All those lessons that the England team leaned at Cardiff were put into good use yesterday at Lord’s as the batsmen protected their wicket and give them away with stupid shots against inept bowling.

Oh no it didn’t happen like that did it.

Well two players did their best, Strauss and Cook, the rest did exactly what they did in two innings just under a week ago. Up to this morning, second day of the lord’s test, the Australian bowlers can’t really claim any wickets as they have been handed to them on a huge silver platter.

When the main Aussie strike bowler is going for 6 an over, their only spinner has a busted hand and the rest aren’t doing much better why would a batsman need to swing wildly at everything. Get out of one day mode, it’s a five day game, give or take the rain.

Could you chuck down more pies, old boy.

Oh you can’t blame Collingwood after his Cardiff heroics. Yes you can, he threw his wicket away twice in Wales and did an even worse job here. Bopara, oh he isn’t a number three, he’s struggling here. Why? Are these bowlers any better or any worse than the Windies outfit he smacked around the park? No, they’re pretty much as bad as each other, so why is he struggling, is it because he’s swinging at everything. Maybe a word in his ear about playing himself in, all these backroom staff what exactly do they do?

Pietersen, a typical innings by the star man, desperately trying to get himself out, by hook or by hand. It was a surprise, after all you’d think he’d want to do something special what with having the limelight taken of him by Fred’s announcement the day before. And he doesn’t like that, not being the centre of attention,

What a change today, strange for England as well, normally the ball starts doing something just as England are starting their innings. Anderson a wicket down the leg side, nothing new there though.

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