Effectology volume 3

Effectology, Vol. 3: Cello Concerto for Guitar and Effect Pedals

The Cello Concerto.

The Cello Concerto.

This is the third part of Bill Ruppert’s series of videos showing how to get the sounds of various instruments from a guitar and some Electro-Harmonix effects pedals.

So following on from harmonica, The Who synths and Pink Floyd synths we have…

“Cello Concerto for Guitar and Effect Pedals”

Bill used the following pedals: for the ‘cello’ it’s just a HOG and Holiest Grail, and for the backing pads a Black Finger, POG, Stereo Polychorus, and Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai.

So if you want to get some orchestral sounds out of your six strings here’s the settings Bill used for each pedal.

You might also want to use a cello in other situations of course, one of my old lutheiry instructors, Mudd, used to have a heavy rock band in which is wife played the cello.

Volume 4 of Bill’s Effectology will probably be up next week sometime…

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