One of those


That gives the Sky/BBC “Big 4” fanboys the opportunity to crow and say “I told you so” even when they didn’t, as Spurs lose a sickener at home to Stoke.

One of those days you realise how stupid it was Defoe to get sent off for nothing last week, forget missing the midweek League Cup tie and the scum next weekend, he was probably missed more against Stoke on Saturday. Someone who could put the ball in the back of the net would have been handy but having a small, speedy, mobile striker would have caused Stoke more problems than Spurs did. Yes Crouch had plenty of chances and their ‘keeper was the man of the match but in reality what would the big lump of defenders Tony Pulis has at his disposal rather face, high balls up to tall thin Crouch or a nipper little ankle biter skipping round them like Defoe?

One of those days when you really miss Modric, but then there’s been a few of them lately.

It was one of hose days when the luck decided not to show up for one team, the ref helping to prove the point that the closer officials are to an event the less likely they are to get it right. A trip in the box but I was looking straight at it a few yards away and saw nothing, couldn’t have happened. How many times do you see a linesman standing right next to the players involved give the throw/corner/goal kick the wrong way?

It was one of those days when certain players didn’t cover themselves in glory and I’m not just thinking of Lennon’s decision that he didn’t fancy carrying on after taking a knock from the eventual match winner. Though it was one of those days that started out so well, Jenas benched? Surely not, did Levy sanction that move ‘Arry? But then as an impact substitute I doubt Stoke were filled with much fear.

But it was one of those days really highlighted through all the finger tip saves by the ‘keeper that Spurs won’t get anywhere really until the defenders and midfielders do as much to prevent a goal being conceded as the whole of the Stoke squad. It’s not luck that Stoke striker Beattie cleared yet another chance off his line, it’s a team ethic that makes it so galling when you see lily white shirted players lollygagging back in defence and poncing out of blocking shots on goal.

No I don’t want to see Spurs like Stoke, is it a compliment that teams are now thinking of parking the bus at The Lane? But I would just like to see a bit more of that do or die work ethic. That added to the undoubted skill there is would make for a team that would seriously challenge.

“One of these days, I’m going to cut you into little pieces”

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