Saturday night, Sunday


Yeah I know it technically it’s not right, though ‘Arry said his team played like a Sunday football team but Saturday Early Afternoon, Sunday Morning doesn’t work, much like Spurs didn’t in the embarrassing 3-0 defeat to the Wandering Woolwich scum.

Who didn’t have a bad feeling once certain players started gobbing off about the shift in balance and such crap. Oh christ this has got shambles written all over it Robbie. And then the team sheet, when will ‘Arry learn Jenas equals failure, when you need to fight and keep the ball the last person you should be giving that responsibility is the first name down.

Though of course he wasn’t the only one. Little or no effect in going forward Crouch was far too isolated as those well I was going to say around him but it’s more in the same postcode decided they were going to be David Beckham for Hallowe’en and hump long balls over Crouchy’s head, though at times they gave him a sporting chance and found the very top of his full frame stretched out with a leap.

Those that didn’t want to be Beckham figured this is monsters and ghoul time, Hallowe’en, so their choice was of some classic movie characters, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster and zombies. Of course old style zombies, original “Night of the Living Dead” stuff you know slow and lumbering undead not the modern trend for zombies the type that would look at Usain Bolt as a quick snack.

The scum have a throw – urrrrghhhh me like brains, where shopping mall – as they all stand off look around let the throw come in watch it go by. Ledley, through the match should he could keep up with younger fitter players over a distance but a sharp take off was lacking. Seconds later to just give the ball away like that was unforgivable and such a surprise it was Palacios at fault. The Honduran has had some indifferent performances lately, all seemingly coinciding with the return of a certain someone in midfield.

And that was the main problem with the whole 90 minutes, Spurs for all the talk never really bothered to put much effort in, as the scum didn’t exactly set the world alight because they didn’t have to. All those that were happy to see O’Hara shipped off on loan to Portsmouth and want the deal to be made permanent because the little fella isn’t the most technically gifted player about, would you have taken him putting the effort in he always did for us and can be seen doing week in week out at Pompey? Christ even Boateng puts more effort in down there than what was put on show for a clash for a top 4 place.

Once that first goal went in that was it game over, never mind the second, heads went down, body language said a lot. After each goal went in they actually managed to appear less interested, which you’d imaging would take some effort, so it must have just been an illusion. As ‘Arry sat there twitching, looking into the far distance, Whinger getting all steamed up and all jacket throwing mad as they were cruising 2-0 up.

What would they have been like if Bentley had been sent off, could – should? – have been two yellows, with the way red cards were handed out in the Premier League at the weekend it could have been a straight sending off. The first incident when he stuck his arm out at the ball should have been a yellow and a slap around the head for being so stupid. Then when he went in with a two footed challenge it was a surprise he survived, when 8 others were given their marching orders on Saturday plus another on Sunday he was a lucky boy.

Hindsight is a great thing, 20/20, but when you have Crouch in there width is required the kind of width that doesn’t come from the formation ‘Arry put out. Unless the fullbacks do the job, Corluka doesn’t have the pace, should Hutton have played? Should Bale have been brought on earlier? Why was Jenas left on? Bassong has done not bad but should Ledley have been partnered up with Woodgate?

Would it have all been different if Modric and Lennon were quicker healers and Defoe wasn’t a complete idiot at times. Would it have been different if there had been less talk and more action?

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