Who would appear in this play what I wrote

Callan Title Sequence

?…Edward Woodward would.

In days gone past after the death of such a well known face in the acting world as Edward Woodward would be followed up with some tributes. Schedules would be cleared and some of their most famous works would be aired.

Not now, oh god no they couldn’t possibly risk the wrath of those sad individuals whose life falls to pieces if the same show isn’t on at the same time every day. Your piece of crap soap / unreality / Z list celeb worship show etc will be on tomorrow, missing one day isn’t going to make a hell of a lot of difference for a prerecorded programme.

So chances are we won’t get to see a run of “Callan“…

…I mean when was the last time it was shown? Probably the only time I saw it back on Channel 4 in the 80s. Yes it may look a bit dated but the acting, script and style will be far better than the crap put out by the main British channels these days – “Spooks” my arse.

The film could be shown, or “Breaker Morant”, chances are the best he’ll get will be another showing of “The Wicker Man”, which has had a bit of airing recently…

…O, Lord! O, Jesus Christ!

Yes I like the flick, and not just for Britt’s front and the doubles backside.

Why not another showing of “Common as Muck” by the Beeb? Again better than most the rubbish on today and something that hasn’t exactly been aired to death by them. And as ITV like to fill their fourth channel with oldies like “The Saint”, “The Sweeney” etc why not a series of “The Equalizer”, yeah it was overblown Yank crap but passed a fun hour.

But knowing what the execs think our screens should be filled with and their target audience they’ll just repeat that sad old soap which was unfortunately Woodward’s last job on telly.

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