We really shouldn’t have been shocked

that even the BBC SPOTY winner was shocked at getting the award.

World class players don’t look confused, Darren Bent, Andy Cole, Jermaine Jenas, they all look confused, you’d never associate any of them with greatness now would you?

Looking shocked and confused is the default position for Ryan Giggs, that’s why he isn’t a great player and is the most overrated player, maybe even ever. All the talk of his greatness is then followed by talk of how long he’s played even though longevity in itself doesn’t equal greatness and then they’ll bring up the F.A. Cup semi-final goal against the Woolwich Scum, which of course was now over ten years ago and is the thing he’ll be remembered for. One moment currently around half way through his career.

What came before and after that one moment? Well yes there was trophies won, but he didn’t exactly win them single handedly now did he, after all, all that fawning after scoring his 100th Premier League (Premiership) goal the other week shows that he doesn’t contribute much goal wise. 100 in 18 seasons, not that great now is it five and a half a year. Most in a league season 13, add the other two seasons before the league restructure and it’s down to 5.25 average.

Now he’s a winger they’ll all whinge, well yes so was Best and he topped the goal scoring charts for his club and the league on a few occasions. Back in the good old days when he plied his trade, kicking a heavy ball on a ploughed field while himself being kicked by an opposition heavy called Chopper or Norman. Topped goal scoring charts when the likes of Jimmy Greaves were about and Denis Law was in his own side. In the six seasons Ronaldo was at Trafford he averaged 14 league goals, including 31 in one campaign a couple years back. Where Giggs has passed double figures twice.

How many more than 100 goals would he have scored if you didn’t have all those memories of him stood there in the box looking bemused as the goal stands gaping open in front of him while the ball flies over the bar, or dribbles past the post.

A but Giggs is there to supply others, yes that is one of the jobs of a winger, a major one and another one where the reality points away from greatness because the confused Giggs shows up as the attempted cross hits the first defender six times out of ten, 3 times it flies past everyone in the box and once it actually finds it’s target. And when that happens he really does looked confused as he did last night.

Ah but even at his age Fergie is playing him in the big games. Er no. Last few years Fergie would rather play Park on the wing than Giggs. The last few seasons have sen him put out for away games to the East End Pikeys and such like. Remove Giggs from the squad for the last few years and would it have an adverse effect on their success, doubtful. Now remove Ronaldo, would it be a different story, this season would do more than just suggest so.

Ah you’re only saying all this because you hate ManUre. Well I would have written all this no matter who he played for the. Thing being if he hadn’t been at ManUre the last 20 years I wouldn’t have had to. He wouldn’t have won the award, he wouldn’t be fawned over by the media. Much like Bill Nicholson wasn’t knighted for being the first British manager to win a European trophy, the first to win two European trophies, Jock Stein wasn’t knighted for being the first British manager to win the European Cup. Bill Paisley wasn’t knighted for winning three, Cloughie wasn’t for winning two. Where as Buzby and Fergie had those three little letters prefixed onto their name for one win each.

England didn’t have a left sided player in the 90s, the media latched onto Giggs, made him a hero they wished would have set his allegiance with the three lions (even if he couldn’t), instead of not turning up for Wales. He is a media created great not a real great if the game.

Of the 10 up for the Sports Personality of the Year award Giggs would have been fighting out for last place with Murray for me. And I don’t know anyone who saw Bradley Wiggins fighting up Mont Ventoux with no help and wouldn’t have him in the top 10 alongside Cav. Those two alongside the young diver Daley and the gymnast Tweddle did things Brits don’t usually do, so would have been amongst my choice for winner. The rest followed in others footsteps or finally pulled their lottery funded fingers out and actually achieved what they’ve been promising to do for ages so wouldn’t get my vote.

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