That was the real Tottenham Hotspur

that stood up on Saturday.

The only thing predictable about them is the unpredictability, well no losing at home to Wolves was very predictable, struggling to score after banging nine in during one game is predictable, being pegged back after going two up against Everton is predictable. Conceding goals is very predictable.

The real Spurs can bang a bundle past the likes of Wigan – who themselves can beat Chelski. The real Spurs can lose a two goal lead against a depleted Everton – who themselves can come back twice to get a draw with Chelsea. The real Spurs can lose at home to Stoke. The real Spurs can lose 1-0 at home to a Championship side, who play Championship football.

And they can do so without even having the excuse of the Jenasite hanging round their collective necks as he inexplicably was no where to be seen in the squad, along with Bentley and Pavlyuchenko not even on the bench never mind the starting XI.

Nope even without that hindrance but an attack that at various times included Defoe, Keane, Lennon, Crouch, Kranjcar, Giovani dos Santos and thankfully after what seems years Modric couldn’t overturn a one goal deficit against a flat back 10. A ten plus a ‘keeper who got their body in front of any and every danger. If only some would “learn for this”.

Home losses to Stoke and Wolves, the two up draw against Everton, it’s 8 points thrown away, when others around the top of the league are doing the same it’s points that would have put Spurs in a very strong position going into the Chrimbo fixtures. They would be currently second on 35 points, 2 behind the leaders, 1 ahead of 3rd. But no it’s five o’clock on Saturday hoping ManUre beat Villa or you’re out of the top 4 and then not wanting ‘Pool to get anything against the Woolwich Scum on Sunday. Now that’s all wrong and makes you feel very dirty.

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