A question arose on Sunday

during the live FA Cup game on the telly.

What did Ryan Giggs get for Chrimbo?

As he came up to the side of the pitch for another substitute appearance, something was wrong, something missing, ah yes that’s it. The bald patch. It wasn’t there.

So what did Giggs get in his Chrimbo stocking, was it a can of that spray on hair, because it didn’t look too thick up there, you could just see through to the patch but it wasn’t a combover. It certainly gave the look of a spray job.

Or did he get a gift from other sportsmen in the public eye Graham Gooch or Shane Warne or Austin Healy, a voucher from one of those clinics. Now what first sprang to mind was a transplant, an in house one. After all if you think to the one image you have of Giggs, yes it’s that cup semi over a decade ago, you know the one that means he is great. Ah yes you remember the twirling shirt and the body hair…

Now it wasn’t actually that image that sprung to my mind, it was a picture I saw some time back that burned into my mind. It was in some Sunday glossy mag that you never read just flick through quickly before binning. But there in that particular mag was a pic of Giggs standing on some box or other not wearing much. Now before you jump to conclusions after that statement, what is burned into my mind isn’t what you’re thinking, no it was a little lower.

It was a full set of hairy toes.

Not the sort of thing you want to view over your Sunday morning… OK afternoon Frosties. Feet that wouldn’t look out of place on something that would usually be kept in a zoo or roam wild in far off continents or indeed on Oddbod or Oddbod Junior in “Carry On Screaming”.

There certainly seemed enough there to cover the bald patch on his head…

Oh and longevity does not equal greatness.

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