Not much romance on show

in the cup.

‘Arry was all for showing the competition the respect it fully deserves and not interested in any romantic notions.

Almost a full side out, and thanks to a late Chrimbo present, no Jenasite, banana skins it’s the sort of game his full effect comes to the for as he drains the life out of the other 10 and before you know it the word upset is mentioned.

Of course this being 2010 upsets don’t really come round that often do they, at home against a lower league side they really shouldn’t. I mean it’s not like an away day in the 70s, playing against assorted butchers and milkmen, clod hopping around on a ploughed field now is it. A top division side should beat strugglers from below, even with a couple of players out injured, or rested and not even when not hitting the heights. And so it was with Spurs against Peterborough. Stick that up your Barry Fry, that’s for costing me a nice five result bet at Laddies, you ratbag so called Posh.

Kranjcar, now is he the buy of the season so far? Basically costing Kevin Prince Boateng – who admittedly has played well for Pompey – with £1.5 million change. Though Robbie Keane looks less and less like like a good buy for 2009.

Now of course all this is going to turn round and bite me on the arse come the fourth round, after yesterday’s draw.

As Spurs were first out of the hat in the 3rd round draw the FA decided to keep the square ball in to the end this time round. Someone made a mistake of course as it came out second last, so a home tie and at that point were the FA bothered as someone had gone and struck up two romantic fingers and knocked out ManUre.

So next time I see Leeds play I won’t be cheering them on as I did on Sunday. I was even more uptight at the end than the Leeds fan beside me who decided against a Beckford to score first and Leeds to win double.

Ah the amazing feat, something I didn’t think I’d see again in my lifetime, a decent game of football “Live and exclusive on ITV.” When was the last time that happened? I haven’t seen even a half good game on that channel, through FA Cup, Champions League and UEFA Cu..Europa League – as the competition voice over puts it – for years now. Add in the fact that the studio wasn’t filled with Andy Townsend and Wobbie Earle, two of the biggest nobody dolts in the pundit game. It was a miracle at Chrimbo – well nearly.

Though I did find myself in agreement to Fergie after the game when he said the time added on by the ref at the end was…

an insult to the game and the players out there Sir Pucenose of Ferguson

It certainly was, what with five subs, two on at once – 30 seconds each – and Becchio’s little roll about at the end it should have been 3 to 4 minutes max, not the five and a half the ref allowed. It was an insult to Fergie’s boys, no matter how long he added they still couldn’t score and the ref made that clear with those extra Fergie-time seconds. Taking the piss. I did notice that Fergie didn’t complain about all the fouls ManUre got out of nothing an the fact Wes Brown stayed on the pitch.

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