Have a go at the BBC

by all means.

There’s plenty to have a go at them for and just because something is easy doesn’t means it’s not worth doing.

Yes it’s was easy to criticise them for over paying that twat Woss for producing his smug shows, it was also right. Never mind the so called Sachs gate, his Friday night chat show was enough evidence. Big Hollywood stars made a bee line for say the Beeb, well no they didn’t a lot stayed away those that didn’t were reported to receive a nice fee to plug their latest piece of fluff. It’s funny the same types that whinge about footballer’s wages, for running around a pitch couple of times a week, which comes from their club are quite happy at someone receiving even more per week out of the tax payer’s pocket to sit at a desk and smarm his way through an hour or so.

Yes it’s easy to criticise the fact that you couldn’t switch on one of their channels over Chrimbo without that gurning twat Tennant staring back at you. With his great acting skills, ranging from A to just a little past A, no where near B. Yes the prefect actor if you want someone to play a character who has a red hot poker shoved permanently up their fundament.

It’s easy to criticise all those other luvvies on the pay role, Graham Norton, played an annoying loud cunt on Father Ted, that others wanted away from as soon as possible, yet the Beeb play him millions play said cunt. Class warrior, Marcus Brigstocke the most odious silver spoon public school luvvie. We have to realise we can’t fly on holiday because of the planet not because he was born into privilege and that means not having to have to sit next to likes of us on his trips abroad.

It’s easy to criticise the channel giving themselves over to U2 and providing at the tax payer’s expense publicity that they couldn’t imagine getting free. U2, such a BBC type band.

It’s easy to criticise the high salaries of the vastly over staffed company, stuffed to the gills with middle management. How many do you see wandering around behind the News 24 desk, how many do you see stood at the scene of the most recent news story

I can just imagine the rush to be the first into Haiti after the earthquake. Just what the poor people of that island need a bunch of reporters sticking a microphone in their face. How many were sent to Copenhagen at the end of last year, or to the States for last years election. Of course it’s not just the reporters but the whole lot required to go as well, camera man, sound, lighting etc. And of those how many were actually required.

And that brings us to another thing that’s easy to criticise them for. The politically neutral, unbiased teller of just the facts are one of the most biased organisation around. And it’s not just political bias but all types from being totally one sided over so called climate change to religion to the constant fawning over Obama – this one does confuse them though because it goes against their standard anti-US position. All those reporters in Copenhagen, not much mention of Climategate now was there, Islam good, all those hippie faiths good, Jews and those Christian types bad. The irony of Stephen Fry crying about antisemitism in other groups is lost on many. Along with their publicly funded salaries we should also be told of their political allegiances, though of course there would be much surprise at the boxes ticked on that form.

We are told reports of the aforementioned gurning twat thoughts on the political leaders, in the run up to an election. Does the BBC think that having the star of a highly popular – if crap – show might have an effect on the outcome of said election. How unbiased of them.

Yes all those things are easy to criticise them about and that’s because they are the things they should be castigated over.

What the Policy Exchange shouldn’t criticise them for is the buying of “The Wire”, “Mad Men” and the football rights.

Because without them there would have been almost bugger all worth watching on all the BBC channels last year. They have to import US TV shows, they can’t pump the money into their own productions because they are now useless at producing their own drama. Everything is cliche ridden, politically correct, by the numbers stereotypes. They wouldn’t have the balls to produce “The Wire”, too scared, 20 to 30 years back the could have but back then they were interested in producing good programmes not in just ticking the right boxes on the PC form.

Lynda La Plante would have had more of a case about the BBC if she herself didn’t produce some of the worst telly progs going. Ever since the first Prime Suspect, which was good, it’s been the same thing over and over again with just the names of the badly written characters changed. Plucky woman fights the system and the ‘orrible blokes on the force to find the man that’s sadistically raped and killed a bunch of women.

The Beeb hasn’t much going for it for all the money it gets, it picks up less than a quarter of the available viewers for peak times, has four TV channels, two of which are near 24 hour a day, the other two almost add up to that together. Nigh on 36 hours of telly a day and an increasingly crap output that just won’t get better because the apologists let them get away with it.

Without the football and the likes of the “The Wire” and “Mad Man” it would be even worse and that’s a hell of a thought.

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  1. All completely correct except that no real mention of radio 4 and its total bias to support the most incompetent government in living memory.
    Toxic brings back one of the most biased shows on radio from Toxic Toksvig – the News Show with a panel of totally loony lefties that are occassionally funny when they stop ranting.
    One show that really does sometimes hit the mark is the following programme The Media Programme. In a recent show a high ranking beeboid buraucrat Jana ? was interviewed in a manner in which she was “forced” to reveal her bossy and I know best attitude that must go down a treat to Broadcasting House worker bees.

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